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Just Another Reason Why Dogs Are Awesome

by Joe

Dogs are awesome. I'll always own a dog no matter what because I love them so much. This story from England is just another reason as to why dogs are so great. 

(This is my dog Precious at the vet recently. I've had her since college, we're bff's)

A blind woman in England was walking with her 12 month old in a stroller recently when danger ensued. She had her seeing eye dog, Jet, walking as well and the dog saw a car coming straight for them. Jet has never been trained to do anything like this but she pushed the stroller out of the way of the car and went back for the woman, who only suffered minor cuts and bruises. You can read more of that awesome story here.

Seriously, dogs are the best. That dog saw danger was coming, knew there was a child about to be hurt and did what it could to make sure the baby was ok. And the dog wasn't trained to do any of that! Dogs really are man's best friend...even though I'm sure my dog wouldn't help me in danger.