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Idiot Of The Year

by Joe

You have GOT to be pretty dumb to try and fake your own death or kidnapping but to do it because of your grades in school? This man takes the cake for idiots everywhere. 


(Photo via Huffington Post)

19 year old Aftab Aslam, of Georgia, was failing English and had previously failed it as well. He knew his parents would be mad at him so he decided the only reasonable solution was to fake his own kidnapping. 

He even used a pre-paid phone to text his parents that he "was kidnapped". Of course, Aslam used the "if you go to the police we'll kill him line" which only works in movies and his parents went to the local authorities anyway. 

Aslam lasted eight days as he was living in a tent and the weather conditions got pretty bad. He went home and claimed he was drugged. The police sorted everything out and arrested him and he's now facing NINE felony charges. 

Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to fake your own kidnapping over something like GRADES?!f