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Idiot Of The Month

by Joe

My dad used to own a pickup truck and he would let us ride in the back of it. No harm, we're kids, we can take the bumps of the road. My dad also didn't let us ride in a dog cage like these idiots did their daughter. 

This is a photo from a driver who happened to be on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Sunday evening and witnessed a girl in the back of a pickup truck in a dog cage. The girl was in the cage with a dog. 

Police responded to the 911 calls and pulled the truck over. Apparently the girls mom let her ride in the back because her daughter, who's 10, ASKED if she could ride in the cage because the dog was crying and she wanted to comfort it. 

The mom and her boyfriend, who's truck they were riding in, were both arrested on felony child endangerment charges. 

Seriously HOW do you think this is ok? "Sure honey, we're just floating down the Interstate, just get on up in that cage and calm down Baxter". Just when you think the