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I Thought Women DIDN'T Want Men To Buy Them Drinks?

by Joe

The majority of the time you go out to a bar and ask to buy a woman a drink she has some kind of excuse as to why you can't buy her next one. Here is a tale that is way different and ends in injury, for the guy. 

In New York on Tuesday night, a woman went to the bar and asked a guy she had never met to buy her a drink. He politely declined. When he said no, that sent the woman and TWO of her friends into a rage and they started beating on the man with their shoes! Not only that, the BOUNCER started beating on the man. The police were called but by that time the man was bleeding from his right eye and his left was swollen shut. He was taken to the hospital and all four of the people involved in the beating have been charged with felony gang assault. 

The guy POLITELY declined to buy this young girl a drink and in turn he got the bad end of the stick. Seriously, don't go out to the bar if you're broke and expect people to buy you drinks. Don't be THAT person.