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How Much Time Do You REALLY Spend on Social Media?

by Joe

It's almost instinct for me to log on Facebook and Twitter as I turn my laptop on. It's become apart of my life, as it probably has yours as well. But how much time are you REALLY spending on social media each year? 

According to a new survey (you can see it all here) 81% of people will stalk a STRANGER'S Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and look at their pictures and status updates. The average stalking time amounts to almost 15 minutes per day, which equates to 3 1/2 days per YEAR you spend digging up info on people you'll never meet. 

Want to know something even creepier? 72% of peopled admitted to stalking an ex's new boyfriend or girlfriend in this survey! And now you know why that relationship didn't work out. 

It's human nature to be curious, but being THAT curious is rather unproductive. Do you Facebook stalk people? No judgement if you do, tell me about it and we can discuss it on the show tonight.