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How Much Time Do You Have To Shop Before He's Bored?

by Joe

Ladies, it's no secret that your shopping adventures bore us. Luckily we have smartphones, Candy Crush, and sports scores to keep up with. In the past we had to stand around and actually pay attention to when you asked us if "this dress makes my butt look too big?"


We don't have a problem going with you, ladies. It's just how long you take is what bores us out of our minds. According to a new survey, you have about 26 minutes of shopping before we zone out and don't care anymore. Also in this survey, it found that the average woman will shop for two HOURS before being done. 

More stats: 

50% try to avoid shopping with their gf/wife if possible

25% have left their woman at the store when it became unbearable

33% have gone outside and waited

20% have checked out other women in the store

So next time you go shopping just know you have a little less than a half hour to get it done or your love may wander off.