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How Many Of These Have You Broken At Work?

by Joe

In all fairness I'm required to do a few of these for my job, so it's not technically breaking them...but I've done all of them. Don't tell my boss ;)

(Picture via My Lot )

A new study has revealed that the average worker will spend one hour per day misusing their time and spending it on personal things. Here are the Top 9:

1. Checking personal email (whether it be on your phone or on the company computer)

2. Reading news sites (This is one that I'm actually supposed to do)

3. Checking the weather (this only takes like 5 seconds, no biggie right?)

4. Logging on to social media (Another one I'm supposed to do)

5. Online banking (well...this one is logical if you used your check card to pay for lunch)

6. Paying bills (because who wants to do that at home, right?)

7. Planning vacation (well you do want to get away from work so it's only logical to plan it there)

8. Shopping for clothes online (this probably eats up the most time)

9. Calling friends (because you have to have plans for when you're off work)

(List via Daily Mail)

How many of these are YOU guilty of breaking? Are there any that you've done that aren't on the list? Comment below and let me know!