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Gossiping ISN'T the Worst Quality in a Woman?!

by Joe

For YEARS it seemed as if gossiping was the one quality most men didn't like in women. Turns out in 2013 that is FAR from the truth. 

In a new survey done by Vanity Fair it turns out men don't want their women to be smokers! 34% of men said their perfect woman shouldn't be a smoker. The other traits guys don't care about the most? Cussing (6%), owning a cat (8%), and drinking (8%). 

Honestly, this is very true. I've dated women who have smoked but I hated kissing them after they hit the cigarette. I don't care if a woman cusses, drinks, or even owns a cat (even though I'm a dog person) but smoking is a MAJOR turn off. 

Ladies, what qualities turn you off about a man you're interested in?