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Farrah Abraham: "I Want To Be A Role Model"

by Joe

In "wow, she CAN'T be serious...but she is" news, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham (and new star of her own XXX tape) has come out and said she is trying to be a role model for other teen moms.


(Photo via OK Magazine)

Abraham, who is receiving a LOT of harsh comments about her explicit tape, continues to say that she is proud of her decision and hopes other teen moms follow in her footsteps. 

Ummmm...so selling your body and making adult videos is what you hope other teen moms will do? Honestly, Farrah sounds like she is so starved for attention that she is willing to do any and everything (or one) to make sure people are still talking about her. 

Do you want your kid(s) looking up to Farrah?Fa