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Fans Call 911 Because Breaking Bad Isn't On!

by Joe

I'm a fiend for the show Breaking Bad. It's one of my favorite television shows ever but I'm sure I wouldn't go to these lengths if I couldn't watch it.

Fans and viewers in Connecticut who were anxiously awaiting the return of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were halted by a power outage for the Cablevision Optimum market. So what do the fans do? Naturally what your first instinct tells you to do when there's an emergency: call 911. Then this happened:

I love BB just as much as the next person but seriously, calling 911 because the show isn't coming on? Not that big of an emergency. I mean, it IS a travesty but not a real emergency. You can always find a link online or catch the re-airing of it later. So the next time your favorite show isn't coming on, don't get too angry. It'll be ok. Maybe you can read that book you've been putting off since five years ago or something.