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Dumb Criminal of the Week 9/17

by Joe

Normally when someone compliments your boyfriend or girlfriend on how they look that means you're doing something right. And honestly, who doesn't want their significant other to get complimented from strangers? The dumb criminal this week, that's who.

This all happened via Facebook but a man in Oklahoma named Edmond commented on Sharda Perkins photo of her in a bikini on the popular social media website. This was in July. 5 days later Sharda's boyfriend, Antwion Martin, tracked down Edmond and KILLED HIM for leaving the comment on her picture. You can see more about the story here.  

Seriously...you took a man's life because he wrote "DAMN" on her photo? My lord how dumb are people these days? So next time you comment on someone's Facebook page be careful because you just don't know if their significant is that crazy to track you down.