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Dude, Just Write Her A Song

by Joe

I don't know what it is with these new kids but they think they have to go out of their way and be super elaborate in order to impress somebody (also, what you're about to read sounds something that could only happen in a movie). 


(Photo via Bangor Daily News)

20 year old Kyle Dube, of Maine, wanted to impress a girl so bad that he decided that he was going to FAKE her kidnapping and be the one to rescue her. During the process he killed the girl, 15 year old Nichole Cable, and decided the best move was to dump the body. Police found her body eight days later and traced the murder back to Dube. 

He's currently facing 25 years to life in prison. 

What is wrong with people? She had rejected Dube plenty of times before, what makes him think that this would be any different? Seriously, why not just take the hint and move on?