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Can You Be Fined For Being Too Loud In Bed? YES!

by Joe

When I lived in my apartment we lived downstairs and you could hear EVERYTHING the upstairs neighbors did. I'm talking everything...yes, even sexy time. *shivers* We never called the police but is it possible that you can get fined for being too loud during sex? Yes, it is, and one woman in England was fined for it!

The woman had the police called on her repeatedly for having "loud sex" and the neighbors kept complaining that it was keeping them up all night. She was eventually taken to court and plead guilty, having to pay almost $2,000 in fines! You can read more about it via the Daily Mail.

What goes on in your home is your business but when other people can hear it or see it, then it becomes an issue. What things have you done to annoy your neighbors or what things have your neighbors done to annoy you? Comment below, we'll discuss it on air soon!