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Bieber Dating A Married Woman?!

by Joe

If this is true, then it's down right scandalous. Last week Justin Bieber and his crew hit an indoor skydiving place and he brought along a lady friend. That's normal. Here's what ISN'T normal about the situation...the girl is legally married! (By the way, she's really hot)

(Photo via Formspring)

The girls name is Jordan Ozuna, who's a model and a former Hooter's waitress. She's currently married to a man in the Coast Guard but they've "been separated" for almost a year. 

Hmmmm. I understand The Biebs can have pretty much any girl he wants, but someone who's still legally married? Eh, I don't know about that. Could you mess around with someone still legally married? Comment below, we'll discuss it on the show tonight.