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An N'Sync Reunion? It Might Happen Sunday!

by Joe

Now so far these are just RUMORS but it appears that one of the biggest boy bands ever will reunite for the MTV VMA's this Sunday! With the revival of Justin Timberlake's music career this year I think most of us were waiting on an N'Sync reunion and we could get it this weekend. 

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia via David Torcivia )

MTV hasn't confirmed or denied the claims that there will be a reunion this weekend. Timberlake will be there receiving the "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award" so be on the look out for the other members of N'Sync and see if they keep it much of a secret. 

If I were MTV I would be announcing it left and right to pull in massive ratings. The VMA's usually do well but a reunion like this could sky rocket the ratings and make them some of the best for any award show ever.