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What smells drive you nuts?

by Laura Bradshaw

People can be very sensitive... especially to rotten smells!!!  For me, it's wet dog.  I can't even concentrate on anything that anyone is talking about if that smell rears it's smelly head.  *snif* *snif*, where is that coming from??????  Stinks.  Apparently I'm not alone! 

Someone actually took the time to compile a list of the top 10 smells that drive people nuts.  Guess what- wet dog, number 1. 

What were the others?  Here is the list....

1 Wet dog

2 Dried spilled milk

3 Child's sick (pukey)

4 Teenage B.O.

5 Festering fast food

6 Forgotten fruit

7 Sweaty feet

8 Smoker

9 Dirty nappy

10 Animal mess on shoes