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Kiddie pool- not just for kids anymore....

by Laura Bradshaw

As we head into one of the biggest summer holiday weekends, I think about the fact that I do not have a pool.  Bummer.  Then I was thinking about a friend of mine who bought a kiddie pool just so she could lounge around on a floatie in her own yard.  She has no children.  

Well- the kiddie pool.  She could really be on to something.  This sounds like a GREAT idea.  What else could a kiddie pool be used for.... (I found a list) and no kids allowed...

  • Jell-O wrestling
  • Oil wrestling
  • Mud wrestling  
  • (ok- let's face it, this is really for the guys) BUT.... there's more!
  • Giant cooler... I like this one the best!
  • Giant punch bowl
  • Belly flop contest (might hurt, but also depends on the amt of adult bevies)
  • Fill with water and just relax in it
  • Let the dog cool off (Coed Magazine)