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Amazing Restaurant Closings

by Jeff Flynt

I've heard of a lot of reasons why restaurants close their doors for good.

Everything from unpaid rent, unpaid utilities, unpaid workers, bounced checks, health code violations, fire, bombs, crime, and various kinds of pests have all put the locks on for good. There's also the lack of customer response (of which I am an expert).

But Thursday was the first time I had heard of a restaurant closing due to PEDs.

The SURG Restaurant Group has decided to cut ties with Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and now admitted-performance enhancing drug user Ryan Braun.

They've already taken their 8-inch chef's knife and sliced off Braun's name, and the Third Ward restaurant will now be known as simply Graffito. That is until they close for good at the end of 2013.

SURG, which also operates the highly-successful 8-Twelve MVP Bar & Grill, has removed Braun's signature number 8 from that name. But the current location in Brookfield and the "coming soon" spot in Glendale will remain open.

While I appreciate what SURG is doing (following in the footsteps of Nike, Wilson, Kwik Trip, etc.) in eliminating ties to Braun, I think Graffito's closure has as much to do (if not more) with the failures of the restaurant. 

Obviously by keeping the 8-Twelve concepts going, including one that hasn't even opened yet, SURG officials have faith in its operations to believe getting Braun out of the way won't hurt business.

So why wouldn't a simple name change (Graffito used to be known as Ryan Braun's Waterfront Grill under different ownership) to the trick? 

For now, we await the new brand name for Aaron Rodger's MVP Bar & Grill.

Then there's this...

Sava! found a brand new way to leave town. 

While I admire their chutzpa, I do think they went a bit too far. At least Braun hasn't decided to do something similar at Graffito...then again they haven't OFFICIALLY closed yet. He's still busy making phone calls to Brewers fans.

(Photo above by: Attribution: JamesAlan1986 at en.wikipedia )