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The 10 best and worst foods to eat for sleep

by Otis Day

If you're having a hard time sleeping it could be what you're eating - or what you're not eating. Get the complete story at yahoo.com

Either way - here are the 10 best and worst foods for a better nights sleep.

1. Best - Cereal and Milk: A good mix of carbs and protein and a boost of "happy" hormone serotonin. Just avoid a sugary cereal that might give you some energy.
2. Worst - Protein: Too much protein gives us too much energy and makes it hard to calm down at the end of the day.

3. Best - Passionfruit: You can have it as is or in a tea or juice, it has properties that make you feel sleepy.
4. Worst - Alcohol: It may make you feel sleepy but you actually have a hard night's sleep after drinking as you wake up often in the night.

5. Best - Bananas: With high levels of magnesium, which relaxes your muscles, it can help you sleep faster.
6. Worst - Fatty Foods: You'll get uncomfortable gas and heartburn that keeps you from sleeping well.

7. Best - Cherry Juice: Cherries boost our melatonin - great for a nighttime smoothie.
8. Worst - Spicy Food: Spicy food can actually cause nightmares.

9. Best - Warm Milk: There may not actually be anything in milk that makes you sleepy - it's just comfortable and makes you feel tired in your head.
10. Worst - Caffeine: it goes without saying that caffeine makes it hard to fall asleep as it stimulates our bodies to stay awake.