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What will happen to "Glee" in the wake of Cory Monteith's death...

by Natalie Randall

The Creator of "Glee", Ryan Murphy, is speaking about the death of Cory Monteith and how it will affect the coming season of the show. 

First, the premiere date has been pushed by one week from Sept. 19th to Sept 26th. Ryan says that he and the whole "Glee" time have relied on Lea Michele, Cory's co-star and real-life girlfriend of over a year, to help determine how they all move forward. He says Lea made it clear that the show must go on and that the cast should be brought back together to film as soon as possible so they can grieve together.

In fact, Murphy says grief counselors will be on set for the first two weeks of filming but the 1st two episodes will be tribute episodes to The Beatles which were written back in May. It's the third episode that will take on Cory's death by also dealing with the death of his character, Finn.

Ryan also speaks about Cory's stuggle with addiction and how Lea Michele handle it and how she is now handling his sudden death. Read more HERE: