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VIDEO: Justin Bieber's image takes another hit!

by Natalie Randall

He seemed like a grounded kid with lots of talent when he fist burst onto most pre-teen girl's walls, but Justin Bieber seems to now just be a punk who thinks he can do WHATEVER he wants. 

PROOF? This video: 

Justin Bieber Pisses Into Restaurant Mop Bucket -- 'F*** Bill Clinton!' - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

TMZ got the video that was reportedly shot in NYC earlier this year -- They claim Bieber and his  friends were leaving a nightclub through a kitchen, and Bieber decided he needed to go to the bathroom. Instead of finding one, he peed into a yellow mop bucket used to clean the restaurant's floors ... 

You hear his friends in the video also acting and talking like idiots... Plus it sounds like the under-aged crew was drunk. In fact the video ends with someone asking about a beer. That happens right after Justin takes a squirt bottle and sprays a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid and saying, "F*** Bill Clinton!"

Not sure why the Biebs has a problem with the former prez???!!

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2YeoxxWXg 
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