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SO many SPOILERS from the Big Brother house

by Natalie Randall

                                                             ~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~

Do NOT keep reading unless you want to know what's going to happen on tonight's episode of Big Brother!

So I've got the live feeds and SOOOO much has happened since the last episode aired on Sunday! 

1st... We learned that America's choice for the MVP nominee was Elissa!!??!??!?? The houseguests WERE NOT told that this nomination was America's. They think someone in the house is the MVP and that person nominated Elissa! 

2nd... Elissa then WON the POWER OF VETO! And of course took herself off the block... So America's second choice was nominated. It's was Gina Marie... (I'm speculating here, but I'm betting America's REAL 1st choice was Aaryn, but since she is already on the block they went to the 2nd and then 3rd picks!)