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LOTS has gone down in the Big Brother house!

by Natalie Randall

The show isn't on again until tomorrow night, but I've got all the details on who's nominated, the BB-MVP and even the Power of Veto results! 

If you want to know what's been shown on the live feeds... keep reading!



So if you read my last BB blog, you know Aaryn is the new HOH... But that's not really true. She may be the official Head Of Household, but Jeremy is the one making all the decisions!! 

He... Umm, I mean she... nominated Helen and Elissa for eviction.

Now usually the powers that be at BB don't show any of the Dairy Room footage on the live feeds, but someone  either screwed up or they are just being EXTRA nice this year, because we saw Elissa in the DR when she found out that again this week she is the BB-MVP. She picked to nominate Jeremy as the 3rd person up for eviction.

HOWEVER... Jeremy turned around and won the Power Of Veto. The POV ceremony hasn't been held yet. but you can bet he'll take himself off the block. So who's going up in his place? Once I know, I'll let you know too :)