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Big Changes for the new season of "Big Brother"!

by Natalie Randall

I am a HUGE fan of "Big Brother"... YUP, I even get the live feeds :) So throughout the season I'll give you LOTS of scoop! But for now... this is what I know about season 15 and some of the "twists" to the season! 

The houseguests entered the Big Brother house just a few days ago and there is a total of 16 people (the largest cast ever)

People.com is reporting a "new twist" to the game: "the show's two nomination chairs have been replaced by a "nomination couch" to make room for a third nominee every week. And a new power will be in play this summer as fans vote weekly for a "Big Brother MVP," whose special power will be explained by host Julie Chen."

"People" is also reporting that season 13 winner Rachel Reilly sister, Elissa Slater, will be competing this year

This season will also be the longest one yet with the houseguests staying a possible 100 days. 

Big Brother premieres TOMORROW night on CBS