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Bieber's rules for photo shoots are CRAY CRAY!

by Natalie Randall

I use to REALLY like Justin Bieber... but that's getting harder and harder in recent months. It seems that he's turn into a bit of a punk since splitting from Selena Gomez. Drugs, fast cars, silly quotes and LOTS of shirtlessness! And NOW this:

TMZ has obtained a rider from a Bieber photo shoot earlier this month... His demands include: 

a ban on speaking to the Biebs AND on playing ANY Selena Gomez music!

Other restrictions include NO cell phones and NO autographs whatsoever ...  As for the list of food he wants on set, it's more proof that he is more boy than man! Among other things he wants a large pack of Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter & Cheese Sandwiches, and 2 large packs of Haribo cola gummies!