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Daylight Drinking with: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Midwest Charm Farmhouse Ale

by Ryder

Daylight Drinking showcases some lame daytime TV and (hopefully) some very good beer. Midwest Charm Farmhouse Ale is the first I've seen from Okoboji Brewing Co in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Okoboji is known for boating, bikinis and Busch Light. And the first contestant on the show today audition NINE times. I have low expectations. 

3:30 -   Wow. 25 grand for knowing that night vision goggles show everything in green. Nice amber color on this Farmhouse, too.

3:34 - Dave's up to $49,500 for nailing the night vision, making a good guess on a Wall Street Journal question and know what it actually means when a dog is "doing his business." I'm in the wrong line of work. First sip of the Farmhouse and I'm not in love. 

3:36 - Dave's wife is as loony as he is.

3:37 - Fun Fact: Danish philosopher Kierkegaard and one of the Kardashian's have a fake twitter. This Farmhouse is a little yeasty and I taste hints of Fresca. Which makes sense, the label boosts "fruity aromas".

3:40 - Dave's gonna Ask the Audience on the Pop Music question.

3:41 - Good Call. 75% got it right, I would have missed it too. Dave's on the last of the preliminary questions, and still 2 jumps. $100,000 here we come.

3:45 - Mild hops on this ale... not to much punch. Usually I like that, but it just seems like the Farmhouse is missing something. And I'd put $100 grand on Lincoln being born in Knob Creek... turns out Dave would not. Jump One.

3:47 - Dave's got a crash test dummy air force question and a relative in the air force... 

3:49 - But still he jumps... SIERRA SAM!

3:50 - Still in it for $500K. But I am over this Farmhouse Ale. It's trying to be spicey, hoppy and fruity all at once, but not taking a real definite stand on any of them. I'd rather a beer do one thing and do it right than a bunch of stuff half assed.

3:52 - Ooooh I think Dave's going to bail with 68 grand on a Tom Sawyer question. Meredith is doing the math for him.

3:54 - Yup dude walks and he would have guessed wrong. Bailing out early, just like I recommend you do with Midwest Charm Farmhouse Ale.