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Federal Government Oversteps Its Bounds With Ban on Lakemaid Drone Beer Delivery

by Paul Heling

By Jeff Flynt - Reposted from our Food & Drink Blog

Normally I shy away from discussing politics and the federal government in this blog space. But I couldn't help myself when I saw that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) put an end to Lakemaid's plans to deliver beer via drone to folks ice fishing

Above is a video demonstrating it.

The FAA is apparently reviewing their policies. 

Look, when it comes to food and beverage delivery...I'm a believer in getting it any way you can. This is great and I, for one, am in favor of it.

Bring me anything, beer, wine, burritos, pizza, Chinese food, anything with the use of drone. If you're going to spy on me, the least the feds could do is drop off some rations while they're in the neighborhood.