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  • Teenage Dream to #1

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    With the help of her chart topping single "California Gurls" featuring Snoop Dogg and her newest smash "Teenage Dream", Katy Perry has soared to the top of the Billboard 200 album charts, selling an estimated 192,000 copies. Whoo-hooooooo!!

  • Justin Bieber, Kanye, and Raekwon's New Gong

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Here it is! Talked about it last week. Now that was fast. It samples an old song from Wu-Tang Clan. Raekwon is on the first verse, Bieber in the middle, Kanyeezy at the end, then more Bieber and more Raekwon. I give it a B-.

    Runaway Love (remix)

  • Jersey Shore At It Again

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Looks like Snooki, Pauly D, and the gang are going to court.  A woman who has claimed she was assaulted by the casts body guards last season has decided to press charges. The alleged incident took place in September 2009, on the very same night 'Jersey Shore' troublemaker Ronnie Magro was filmed in Seaside Heights, N.J., punching a man, Stephen Izzo Jr., who ended up unconscious. Magro was arrested for aggravated assault. Of the verbal and physical brawls the cast members find themselves frequently involved in, Magro has said, "You'll see throughout the show, we do go out and if we do get into an's us just defending ourselves or reacting to somebody else."

    Now is it people don't like them or do they bring the trouble to themselves? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I go with the latter of the two.

  • Good Stuff from a Local Band

    Posted by Just Plain Joe


    This is some new music from a local band in Indianapolis called The Canal. They took their name from the locally famous "Canal" in downtown Indy. The song is called "Sand". For more information about them, you can follow them on Twitter and keep up with them on Facebook. Please comment below and let me know what you think about their song. The feedback would be fantastic for them!

    Sand by The Canal

  • She's Not Even A Star!!!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Bristol Palin

    Bristol Palin is moving on from her recent breakup from Levi Johnston by hitting the dance floor. Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter has officially been cast on season 11 of 'Dancing With the Stars.

    Although she has never danced before, Palin is looking forward to living in LA while the show tapes and is bringing her son, Tripp, with her, sources at ABC tell PopEater's Naughty But Nice Rob. Her proud mama plans to be sitting in the front row cheering her daughter on.

    Sooooooo, we're letting non-celebs be on a show called Dancing With the STARS?! First that Mike dude from Jersey Shore, now this?!  I give up.

  • New Power Couple?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Kim Kardashian / Justin Bieber

    Kim Kardashian hasn't been shy about her obsession with teen sensation Justin Bieber. On Tuesday's 'Lopez Tonight,' Kardashian confessed to George Lopez that she'd date the 'Baby' singer .... "if he was of legal age." 

    "He definitely has this swag to him," she coyly added.

    Kardashian and Bieber sparked romance rumors in May after the 16-year-old pop star tweeted a photo of himself posing with Kardashian at the White House Correspondents Dinner, along with the message, "Look, it's my girlfriend!" Moments later, Kardashian tweeted back, "I officially have Bieber fever!" But the two had to confess they were just kidding around after Bieber's fans started sending the reality star death threats.

    Man Bieber! Can't you save some ladies for ME!!!!!!

  • Somebody Tame Her Please!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus can't be tamed and is ditching her Hannah Montana-persona for an edgy new role in the upcoming film, 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud.' Hollywood Life has seen the script and reports that Cyrus' character loses her virginity, smokes pot, gets wasted and kisses two girlfriends on the lips. Her character even accidentally shows her mom Ana, played by actress Demi Moore, her Brazilian wax. "You're my daughter, and I won't let you turn into a porn star!" Ana tells Lola.

    In an interview with MTV, Moore praised Cyrus' acting and professionalism. 

    "She's great, and I think that she is incredibly grounded," Moore said. "[Miley] is a true professional, and she truly has a wonderful family." 

    The film focuses on communication gap between Lola and her mother, due to the increasing use of YouTube, iTunes and Facebook. Lola's mom, Anne, "accidentally" reads her teenage daughter's racy journal and dicovers Lola's wild ways. The film will debut next year.

  • King of the South teaming with the Queen of the Monsters

    Posted by Just Plain Joe


    Earlier this year, T.I. had jaws dropping when he announced that he'd recorded some 80 songs for his upcoming album King Uncaged, and that at least one of them was a collaboration with Lady Gaga.

    "[She's a] phenomenal talent. Extremely proud [to work with her]. She's definitely that good. She knows what she's doing. She knows exactly what she wants people to think andsay," Tip said of Gaga. "She does everything that she needs to be done to ensure it happens. I think she's an entertainer, in all aspects of the word ... a classic, all-around entertainer. A global star."

    A few months later, he continued to heap praise on LG, calling her "a phenomenal talent ... that transcends through all genres, all races, all religions."

    But while T.I. was clearly enthused about the collaboration, he also stopped short of saying whether or not his song with Gaga would actually end up on Uncaged, joking, "I'm not gonna let no cats out of no bags." And now, we know the reason why.

    In a new interview with, TIP revealed that the song would more than likely be re-worked ... or scrapped entirely. Why? Gaga insisted that she could make something even better.

    "[Gaga] brought it to my knowledge that she would like to top what we already have," he said. "That being said, I don't know if that's going to be a keeper or if that's going to be one-upped or what not."

    So at the moment, the fate of the collaboration seems to be up in the air. But T.I. doesn't seem to be all that upset ... after all, he was thrilled just towork with the Mother Monster on a track.

    "I begged on hands and knees [to work with her], 'Please!'" he joked. "I worked with the producer RedOne and made it known that I was interested in working with her, and the enthusiasm was shared, and we were able to get it done."