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  • 50 Cent and.... Keenan Cahill?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    See the guy on the left? Remember him from lip singing "Teenage Dream" and other hits from over the summer? That's Keenan Cahill. He was just on Chelsea Lately last night and was able to get Curtis Jackson to come out and do his part to the song "Down On Me" by Jeremih. Cahill's Youtube page is at 66 MILLION views, all of it being him singing songs of other artists. You can check out the interview below: 

  • Weezy F Baby and the F Stands for Free!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    When 'I Am Not A Human Being,' the eighth LP from rapper Lil Wayne, was released last month, no tour was planned, no promotional radio appearances booked and no media interviews granted. 

    Far from an undisciplined work ethic, the rapper was languishing in a Rikers Island cell, serving out a year-long sentence -- reduced to eight months for good behavior -- for attempted criminal possession of a weapon. 

    The rapper was discharged at 8:35AM on Thursday morning and Mack Maine, president of Young Money and Wayne's childhood friend, confirmed that a major bash in his honor will go down this Sunday in Miami.

    Well well well. This has been THE story today. But my question is: how long will it be before he's back locked up? Rappers love jail as of recently. I say 6 months. What about you?

  • This Can't Be Life

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Sean Duffy

    The glass ceiling for reality stars in Congress has been shattered, thanks to 'Real World: Boston' standout Sean Duffy, a Republican who picked up an open seat in Wisconsin's 7th District during Tuesday's big election.

    Duffy, who spent 1997 finding out "what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real," easily defeated state Sen. Julie Lassa for the job in a contest to replace retiring Rep. David Obey, a Democrat who held the seat for 41 years.

    The Associated Press declared Duffy the winner, and he thanked supporters at his victory party shortly before midnight. "What a great night in Wisconsin," Duffy belted.

    Duffy filled the "conservative Midwesterner" spot on season 6 of the show and later participated in 'Road Rules.' During his stint as a reality TV star, he met and married 'Real World: San Francisco' beauty Rachel Campos. The couple have six children.

    Syrus Yarbrough, one of Duffy's housemates on the show, has already weighed in on the victory. "Sean from my season of The Real World Boston is now a US Congressman!" he wrote on Twitter. "Congrats my brotha!"

    So let me get this straight: Reality TV Show= opening of many other doors in life? Looks like I'll be talking to the sales staff to get me a reality TV show ;)

  • Kim Kardashian to Make...Music?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    You know her from her hit show on E! Keeping Up With The Kardashians with her other two sisters, Khloe and Kourtney. You've seen her have dieting commercials, land a role for the PussyCat Dolls, a perfume, and a sex tape with former boyfriend RayJ. Now, Kim K is taking it to the recording booth! I'm actually not sure how I feel about this yet, considering she will be working with one of my personal favorite songwriters/producers, Terrius "The-Dream" Nash. No said date on when this will be released or when we will hear a leak or a first single as of yet. 

  • The Rent Is Too Damn High...For the Doll?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Jimmy McMillan Doll Priced 'Too Damn High'

    Remember this fella? This is Jimmy McMillan. He's running for governor of New York for The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. (And no I did not make that up). As you can see above, there is a split screen and a doll on the right. Jimmy McMillan has a doll that spits his party name and pretty much his catch phrase. That doll is $49.99!! A 12 inch doll that says one thing is $49.99!!! Jimmy McMillan, you're insane and The Price Of Your Doll Is Too Damn High!!!!!!

  • Young Bruno Mars

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Bruno Mars

    Since we're in the Halloween spirit and all, I found this picture of Bruno Mars at the age of 4. I didn't know this, but little Bruno was in a documentary in 1990 and in the 1992 movie Honeymoon in Vegas with Sarah Jessica Parker, portraying a "Little Elvis". Even as a kid little Bruno had some pipes. Check out the clip below. Story courtesy of


  • Is this REALLY Justin Bieber?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Justin Bieber

    It appears that teen idol Justin Bieber got a full face of makeup -- including smudged guyliner -- for the November cover of Brazilian teen magazine Star Todateen.

    How else to explain his powder-puff-perfect complexion, dewy lips, and eyes rimmed with a subtle touch of brown liner? We even spy a hint of pale blush on those cheekbones.

    Star Todateen issued the following Photoshop denial to the Huffington Post, which translated it from Portuguese:

    "We could not help noticing your comments and tweets from the picture of Justin on the magazine's cover. We would like to say there was no change made in the area of the singer's eyes. We had a technical problem that darkens certain areas of the photo."

    Soooooo, are we ok with what appears to be The Bieb wearing lipstick?

  • Rihanna's Says She "Needed" Wake Up Call

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    It's been more than a year since Chris Brown pled guilty to assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna. And after keeping relatively quiet about the infamous post-Grammys incident, Rihanna opens up about the experience in the December issue of Marie Claire UK (via

    "God has a crazy way of working, and sometimes when stuff happens you feel like, 'What did I do to deserve this?' Why was it backfiring on me?'" the Grammy Award-winning singer tells the magazine. "But I needed that wake-up call in my life. I needed a turning point, and that's what God was giving to me."

    But all the press made it even harder, she admits. "All this terrible stuff they say to you, it breaks you down. [But] once you're back on your feet -- if you ever make it back on your feet -- that's the ultimate achievement."

    Rihanna also reveals when she knew it was over with Brown. "I remember I was in New York at the Trump Hotel and I woke up and I just knew I was over it. It was a different day. I felt different. I didn't feel lonely. I felt like I wanted to get up and be in the world. That was a great, great feeling."

    And the singer doesn't seem to regret her decision at all. "I feel like I smile for real this time. The smiles come from inside, and it exudes in everything I do. People feel my energy is different. When I smile they can tell that it's pure bliss and not just a cover up," Rihanna says.

  • The Rent Is Too Damn High!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Through some friends on my Twitter page, I was introduced to Jimmy McMillan and The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. I took one look and began laughing. There is NO way this guy can seriously be running for Governor of New York. Anyway, here's the video. And don't mess with me anymore, I'm training to become a karate expert like Mr. McMillan.


  • Loser Of The Week!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Pictured above is FORMER Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee. McAfee had a pretty good night out the other night, ending it by jumping in The Canal, scaring a woman in her car at a stoplight and getting a public intox. We just seen this dude punting for the Colts on Sunday Night Football this past week and now he's been released due to the circumstances. That's why Pat McAfee, you are the Loser of the Week!

    Read the whole story here