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  • Have You Seen Me?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    The funniest thing I have seen all day. No clue where this was taken or when, but I hope you don't find him either.

    Have You Seen Him?

  • Cookie Monsters SNL Auditon Tape!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    As a child, I grew up on Sesame Street. But it's looking like Cookie Monster is trying to spread his wings and get some more acting jobs under his belt. Here's his audition tape for Saturday Night Live!

  • Pregnant Turkey

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Amy was trying to carve her first Thanksgiving turkey. Her family thought it would be awesome to play a practical joke on her and make her think she cooked a pregnant turkey. In my opinion, it shouldn't have mattered, that turkey probably would have wound up getting cooked eventually. Haha! (Notice the color of Amy's hair)

  • Why Spell Check Sucks!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    I love the fact that there can be spell check on your phone. It saves me from looking like a complete idiot when I'm trying to spell something I haven't done in a while. This though, is an epic fail in spell check moments. 

    Best Auto Correct Ever



  • New Colts Uniforms?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Found this on the Twitter page of the Indy Star earlier today. These are just RUMORS, but Nike will be the official sponsor of NFL uniforms starting in 2012. Here's what the new Colts uni's are rumored to look like:

    I'm not a Colts fan, as most of you know. But I'm an avid collector of jerseys. And I must say that those look horrendous, besides the helmet. The helmet looks really cool. Now remember, this is only a rumor. What are your thoughts?

  • The Unsexiest Man Alive is....

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    *drum roll* Billy Ray Cyrus!! I really hope Mr. Cyrus isn't rocking the mullet anymore, because that style went out about 2 decades ago. Don't worry, Billy Ray isn't the only one on the list. 49 others were on there too, including Jonah Hill, Bret Michaels, Drew Carey, Gilbert Gotfried and more! Check the rest of the list here

  • Sexiest Man Alive! (Besides Me)

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Ryan Reynolds

    This contest isn't even fair. They should call it "The Sexiest Man Alive besides Just Plain Joe". ;). All jokes aside, People magazine chose Ryan Reynolds as this years Sexiest Man Alive, pushing aside that weird guy that is Johnny Depp. This isn't the 1st award for the Reynolds family this week, as wife Scarlett Johansen was named GQ's Babe of the Year. Here's what Reynolds had to say about the award: "Now it's going to be, 'Sexiest man, take out the garbage.' That does sound better," Reynolds joked. Reynolds can be seen online as the trailer to his new movie The Green Lantern has leaked online and it is rumored that it will be seen as one of the previews before the new Harry Potter movie this week.

  • Man Forced to Eat His Own Beard!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Now the story isn't that funny, it's actually pretty serious. But these guys made him eat his beard?! WHO does that??? And over a LAWN MOWER! I'm chalking this one up to "Only in Kentucky". 

  • Flamingos making...Flamingo?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    A Flamingo Made Of Flamingos

    According to sources, this is not photo shopped. These flamingos merged like this at the Yucatan Peninsula. Pretty cool if you ask me, although I've never in my life been a fan of flamingos. Creep me out. Only creature that's pink on Earth. Anyway, I thought this would help you kick off your weekend and you'd get a chuckle!. 

  • Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2 is Here!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    It's finally here! The sequel to the smash hit from Eminem and Rihanna over the summer. Listen below. What do you think about it? Is it better than the original or do you like the 1st one better?

    Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2