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  • WATCH: Taylor Swift & Nelly!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    No, they're not dating ( might happen considering her record). Taylor Swift was in St. Louis performing last night, which happens to be the hometown of rapper Nelly. She brought him out to do his new song "Hey Porsche" and the crowd goes NUTS! 


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  • Kim's Pregnancy Fear!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    I'm sure lots of women go through this when they get pregnant so it's nothing out of the normal.

    (Photo via E! Online)

    Kim Kardashian's biggest fear during her pregnancy is that Kanye West will CHEAT on her! Kardashian, who has put on close to 65 pounds during her pregnancy, thinks it's not a coincidence that West has started becoming more busy with his music life now that she is getting bigger. 

    “She’s concerned about Kanye cheating, and his disinterested and distracted attitude isn’t helping,” a source told the National Enquirer

    So do you think she has a legit concern or is she just blowing it out of proportion? 


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  • I Might Puke

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    I've had some nasty shots before but NOTHING grosses me out more than this one that Snooki, J-Woww, and their boy toys took recently.

  • Selena Gomez: "I Made Justin Cry"

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    If Selena Gomez broke up with me I would cry too. 

    Gomez, who appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, joked with the host about her relationship with Justin Bieber. Letterman stated that the previous time Bieber was on the show he made him cry and Gomez said, "Well that makes two of us". 

    YIKES! Now it makes sense why Justin has been spazzing out in the media the last few weeks. 


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  • Rob Kardashian Opens Up About Weight Gain

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Rob Kardashian finally spills the beans (and doesn't eat them) on why he put on so much weight in the past few months. 

    Rob K says that he packed on the pounds when him and ex girlfriend Rita Ora split. He stated, "my love of good food" helped him pack on the pounds as well. 

    Don't worry ladies, Rob says he'll be back to his normal frame by the summer as he's working with a trainer to the stars and has begun a low carb diet. 


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  • This Is My WORST Fear

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    As a male, I can say that I'm not afraid of too many things in life. Heights and snakes are two of my fears, but there's one that tops both of those and it terrifes me to death (no pun intended). 

    (Photo via Guardian).

    My biggest fear is being buried alive. I still haven't watched the Ryan Reynold's movie about the scenario because I might have a panic attack. I also will not be reading this book based on ACTUAL scenarios of people being buried alive. 

    The book Premature Burial and How it May be Prevented is filled with stories of people buried alive. Most of the stories are from the late 1800's but it's still creepy to me. That's why I'll be getting cremated when I pass, which won't be until I'm 120 because I plan on living forever. 

    The book is now on Amazon and you can read more about it here, only if you wish to be creeped me...


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    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Photo's from the set of Anchorman 2. I seriously can't wait for this movie!!. Below is Ron (Will Ferrell) and new castmate Harrison Ford

    Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone!

    And the legend himself....


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  • Kanye Goes Berserk!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Recently Kanye West has seemed a He's on tour over in Europe right now and it seems like every night he has a new rant about something during the show. He even said he didn't care for "Suit & Tie", the collaboration between Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, who he considers his big brother. 

    (Photo via JustJared)

    Earlier this week Kanyeezy was voted on to MTV's "10 Hottest MC's" list, but only at #7. In typical Kanye fashion, he went crazy. He called up to a NY radio station yesterday, vented a little bit and then hung up. 

    I'm starting to think Kanye has gone crazy since dating Kim Kardashian. Between that and becoming a father in the near future, he's gone off the deep end. Come back and be normal again, Yeezy. 


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  • Can She Do It This Time?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    How many times does it take of doing rehab to finally understand that it's to HELP you?! 

    (Photo via OK Magazine)

    Teen Mom 2 member Jenelle Evans checked into a detox center last week, left, and has now checked herself in to rehab to address her issues, including a heroin habit. 

    “She basically freaked out over all the crap in her life... Jenelle was just partying and doing drugs and doing really stupid things with guys and she couldn’t stop", a source told MTV

    Hopefully she gets the help she's seeking and comes out clean. 


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  • Worst Interview Ever?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    As a person who has been in this field for a while, I can say it's not professional to ask out your interview subject DURING the interview. With that said, watch as this poor young kid tries to ask Mila Kunis out. Should have waited until the end, dude! (That's what I would have done).


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