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  • Drama Coming For Kim and Kanye?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Uh oh! And no, this isn't drama between them, this is a drama that was started by an oustide source (or inside of Kim before, however you want to look at it). 

    Singer/rapper/singer Brandy's baby brother Ray J released a new single today titled "I Hit It First". Yes, he is referring to his sex tape with the reality television star. He even takes some jabs at Kanye West in the song as well. 

    This sounds like a case of a very bitter ex who still hasn't moved on. Come ON Ray J! It's been like six years, get on with your life! Go home, you're DRUNK!


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  • Teen Mom Becomes A Mom Again!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Well, sort of. Teen Mom member Farrah Abraham tweeted this earlier today:


    This was tweeted on Monday so it COULD be an April Fool's joke, but knowing Farrah it's probably true. She was recently arrested for a DUI during St.Patrick's Day weekend.


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  • LOOK: Beyonce Covers "Vogue"

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    What do you think of the cover? 

    Turns out that most of her loyal fans, known as the "BeyHive" (get it?) aren't fans of this...or any of the pictures inside. 

    (She looks like she's holding in a fart in this one)

    Are the fans just being TOO critical or are the pictures really that bad? 


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  • Get A Room!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    That might be kind of hard on Facebook or Twitter, but seriously, people are grossed out by what researchers are calling "Virtual Displays of Affection". 

    According to a new survey, one out of four say they are annoyed by couples who show affection to each other via social media, predominately Facebook (I love you babe, you're my world :), those type of things).

    58% of people say they don't like when people post about breakups online, and 33% don't like seeing couples referring to each other by their pet names online.

    Personally if I see a person getting TOO mushy I'll hide them on Facebook or unfollow on Twitter. How do you feel and what do you do? 


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  • Guess Who's NOT Together Again?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    They're getting to be like Ross and Rachel from Friends. Ugh, make up your damn minds!

    Chris Brown went on LA's Power 106 earlier today and was asked if him and Rihanna were together. The above tweet is the short story. I wonder what the long version of this is? Hmmmmm... We'll know in the coming days, I'm SURE of it. 


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  • Britney: "I'm A Born Again Virgin"

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    We ALL know that Britney Spears is famous for her sexy dance moves and "girl next door" look but it seems like she wants to change that whole persona. 

    (Photo via Celebitchy)

    In the recent Star magazine it's reported that Britney is wanting to "wait" and "show people she's a good girl" before hitting the sack with new boyfriend David Lucado. 

    “She’s determined not to rush it and wants to prove that she’s a good girl,” says a pal. After first stepping out with David, 27, in February, Britney “would like to hold out until they’ve discussed the future… her goal is to be a ‘virgin bride’.” long do you think this is going to last? I say two months...MAYBE three. 


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  • Returning To The X-Factor Is....

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    None other than Demi Lovato! 

    Even though X-Factor judge and founder Simon Cowell and Lovato have butted heads on the show and he's called her "really, really annoying", he said that he is really happy that she is making a return to judge on the show. 

    Lovato and Cowell will be the only two judges returning from last season. Britney Spears and L.A. Reid have since parted ways. 


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