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  • She Must Be Ashamed Of Herself...

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    It's been one heck of a month for former Teen Mom participant Farrah Abraham. She tried to get a fake boyfriend, tried to leak an explicit tape that didn't work, and finally she MADE her own adult tape. Now, she says she's not watching it!

    (Photo via OK Magazine)

    So you make the tape...and then don't even watch it? Here's the funny party: she went on Dr. Phil and said she made it so she will have something to look back on later in life during her best looking years. 

    Raise your hand if you think that Farrah is a compulsive liar and needs help... *raises hand*


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  • LOOK: Another Successful Photobomb

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Even Spiderman isn't immune to the photobomb..from his own girlfriend!

    Andrew Garfield's moment with some friends/fans was ruined by his own girlfriend, Emma Stone. Also, some other guy is back there too but he's not reallying contributing to the photo bomb. The couple that has fun together, stays together. 


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  • Amanda Bynes: "I Don't Want To Live Anymore..."

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Just when you thought the bizarre antics that are Amanda Bynes current life couldn't get any more weird, she had the police called on her last night. It wasn't because of being loud or obnoxious; it was because she told a publicist that she didn't want to live anymore.

    Johnathan Jaxson, a publicist, received a call from Bynes last night and he easily knew she was on drugs. “Then, she said that she didn’t want to live anymore. I took that as that she wanted to kill herself. I freaked out.”

    Jaxson called the police and even tweeted their Twitter handle saying that Bynes was "soooo messed up on drugs". He later received a call from the NYPD stating that Amanda was fine. 

    Seriously, Amanda Bynes needs help. Someone needs to intervene and get her the proper help that she needs. 


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  • Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab After TWO Minutes!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    Let's face facts: we didn't expect Lindsay Lohan to stay in rehab for very long. But to bolt as soon as you hit the door? That has to be a new record. 

    (Photo via

    The troubled actress (who is attending court ordered rehab) went shopping at an electronics store and then decided that "she doesn't need rehab". She left the facility within two minutes of arriving. Her reason for fleeing? The paparazzi "spooked" her (I'm not buying that one bit).

    Rumor has it that LiLo is heading back to New York. If this is the case then there will be a warrant issued for her arrest and her bail will be set at $100,000.

    Grow up, Lindsay. You OBVIOUSLY need the rehab. Just do it and get it over with. 


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  • Angels In The Outfield?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    This is Kelly Nash. She is a reporter for the Tampa Bay Rays and was at Boston's Fenway Park over the weekend. Like most reporters and media people, she has a following and decided to give the fans a nice picture. She snapped this at the RIGHT time because a baseball almost knocked her out.

    That's seriously crazy. That baseball is literally INCHES from hitting her. Glad to see she is safe and taking it all in stride. 


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  • Taylor Dropped HOW MUCH?!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    The last time I paid anything with straight cash that exceeded more than $20 I was into car audio and a teenager. 

    Taylor Swift just purchased this mansion (pictured above, outside) for a small fortune of $17.75 MILLION. Oh, and it was in cash money. 

    (Photos via RadarOnline)

    Taylor's new pad is in the very upscale Watch Hill community of Rhode Island (a place where no one will bother you either). It sits on 5.23 acres and has 11,000 sq ft.

    Now the question is: will any boyfriends be given the address?


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  • LOOK: Reptar Bars Are Real!!!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    I have been waiting for this day my ENTIRE LIFE!!!! Reptar bars, from the Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats, are REAL!!!

    And they really turn your tongue green like they did on Rugrats!!!! This might be one of the best days of my life. You can't purchase them but you CAN make them yourself. Here's the link to the recipe:

    And now I know what I'll be doing the next time I experiment in the kitchen


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  • Well, It's Official...

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    The Biebs and Selena are back together. JUST when I was about to make my move for her :( 

    Justin Bieber posted this picture to his Instagram recently, and you can see that the lady is none other than his ex/current girl friend Selena Gomez. You know how on again/off again relationships work though. I give them five months before it's off again.


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  • WATCH: Best Prom Proposal?

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    I'm nerdy so this guy's prom proposal is something that I would have done if I wasn't so shy in high school. The guys name is Terry and he comes strutting down the steps dressed up like Ash from the cartoon/card game/video game Pokemon. Then, the fun ensues. You can't really hear what he says but it's obvious what happens. 

    Prom date, I CHOOOOSSEEE YOU! *throws Poke Ball*


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  • Talk About Dedication!

    Posted by Just Plain Joe

    This is one of those "what would you do in this situation" type of...well, situations. 

    Earlier this month a Papa John's delivery man in Atlanta, GA was carjacked and forced to leave his car by two men. He got out of the car, GRABBED THE PIZZA, and continued his delivery to the house before calling the police. Talk about dedication!!

    His car has not been found as of yet. Seriously, what would you do in that situation? I'm chalking that up as a loss, calling the police immediately, and eating that pizza. That family will just have to get a free pizza later on.