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  • Why Even Bother Now?

    Posted by Nick Steele


    I was going to learn to play the guitar at some point in my life but this guy just made me change my mind. I'll never be able to do this so WHY BOTHER LEARNING?! 

    Watch this guy play the entire dueling banjos song from Deliverance by himself. It's pretty awesome. 



  • Call Bruce Willis!

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Surprisingly that was not one of the steps given to us by Charles Bolden the head of NASA. 

    This week he spoke at a Congressional hearing about protecting the Earth from asteroids and how much it's going to cost to protect us even more.

     Just to let you know, there currently IS NOT a big asteroid headed our way trheatening to wipe out civilization, however, if one were to be headed this way this is the things we would want to know.


    #1.)  An asteroid with a diameter of about six-tenths of a mile, quote, "could plausibly end civilization."


    #2.)  95% of the asteroids flying nearest to the Earth ARE that big.


    #3.)  And finally, if there's an asteroid headed toward the U.S. and NASA doesn't detect it until it's about three weeks away?  Quote, "Pray."


    Again, no asteroid that we know of is on the way here but he just wanted the world to know why we should worry. 


    Carry on. 

  • Cartoon Characters In Real Life

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Ever sit down and think about how some of your favorite cartoon characters would look in real life? Well now you will never be able to STOP thinking about it. Check these out!

    realstic untooned peter family guy

    realstic untooned homer simpson

    realstic untooned patrick starfish

    realstic untooned naruto

    realstic untooned fin adventure time

    realstic untooned sideshow bob


    realstic untooned johnny bravo

    realstic untooned shaggy

    realstic untooned dale king of the hill

    realstic untooned TMNT leonardo

    realstic untooned professor farnsworth futurama


    realstic untooned pop eye

    realstic untooned stewie

    realstic untooned american dad


    realstic untooned mojo jojo powerpuff


    realstic untooned rarity my little pony

    realstic untooned princess bubblegum adventure time


    realstic untooned brock pokemon

  • Dora the Explorer Live Action Movie Part 1

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Collegehumor.com made a mock trialer about a movie that they wished existed Dora the Explorer. Well they got so much feedback that they were almost forced to make an actual movie. So this is part 1 of 3 of "Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion"




    ***There is a bad word in it so be warned!***



  • Will You Go to Prom With Me?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Occasionally one of these videos goes viral and we all hope the celebrity will say yes. This time it's a video of a kid asking Kate Upton to prom. What will she say? Watch the video for yourself and decide if you would go to prom with him or not. 

    It got us thinking here on the morning show when we were 18 who would have we asked to prom, my answer will forever and always be Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

    Think back to your 18 year old self, who would they have asked to prom if we had youtube then? 



  • Earn $1500 RIGHT NOW!

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Sure that sounds like one of those ads you see on the side of your Facebook wall but it could actually be real. According to a new study you have about $1500 bucks just lying around your house. 

    A new study found that nine out of 10 people could make at least $1,500 just by selling the old junk they don't use anymore.  We're not saying that's the actual value of your junk  just the amount you could probably sell it for.

     And the study found almost EVERYONE has clothes, books, and shoes in their house they never use. One in three people still hold onto old VHS TAPES and audio cassettes, even though they KNOW those aren't coming back. 

    So go through all that junk and start postin gto Craigslist or Ebay. Then give me a percentage of the profit because I told you about it. You're welcome!



  • Is This Fake?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    From what I can tell it seems pretty legit to me but it still just seems so unbelievable. How can this kitten possibly sound like a baby goat?! Someone explain this to me...


  • 4 "Healthy" Habits That AREN'T Healthy

    Posted by Nick Steele


    If you think you don't have a single bad habit, check out this list from "Prevention" magazine of four "healthy" habits that aren't actually that good for you.


     #1.)  You Come Home From Work and Immediately Get Your Chores Out of the Way.  If your parents made you do your homework right after school, you might think it's the way to go.  Because it does SEEM like a good habit.

     The problem is, you don't give yourself time to unwind, so your body keeps pumping out the stress hormone cortisol.  And research shows that higher levels of cortisol lead to more health issues in the long run.

     So it's best to at least give yourself 20 or 30 minutes to unwind before you jump into something like doing taxes or cleaning the living room.


    #2.)  "Hovering" When You're Using a Public Restroom.  This one's for women who don't want to actually touch the seat with their skin.  So they kind of stand in a squatting position.

     The reason it's bad is because it causes the pelvic muscles to contract, which prevents you from fully emptying your bladder.  And when you don't do that, you're more likely to get a urinary tract infection.

     So the best way to handle it is to use those paper seat liners. 



    #3.)  You Brush Your Teeth Right After You Finish Eating.  You've probably heard that you shouldn't brush right after you drink SODA, because soda softens your enamel, which can actually be brushed away.

     But the same goes for ANYTHING that's highly acidic . . . including things like citrus fruit, tomatoes, and Gatorade.  So if you have anything like that, you should wait at least 30 to 60 minutes before you brush.



    #4.)  You Wash Your Pillowcases Once a Week.  That's better than most people, but washing JUST your pillowcases won't necessarily protect you from dust mites . . . which about 10% of people are allergic to.

     To really protect yourself, you have to wash the actual PILLOWS at least once a month in hot water . . . which most people NEVER do. 

  • 50 Common Misconceptions

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Maybe it's just me, but these videos are fun to watch because it always teaches me something I didn't know. Even if I never cared to know it, or will never apply it in my life, I enjoy getting tiny nuggets of knowledge. So I thought I should share it with you! The best one is about the Salem trials...I never knew that! 



  • The Coolest Cake You Will Never Have

    Posted by Nick Steele

    It doesn't look like it at all, but this is a picture of a 3 foot Lego Batman CAKE. Yup, it's a huge nerd shaped ball of deliciousness. Actually I'm not sure how it would taste but it sure looks cool! Now if they can create the rest of the Justice League to go with it then I'll be ready for my 30th birthday party!


  • Roach Motel on Wheels?

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Growing up I was traumatized by my grandparents apartment because it was SUPER infested with cockroaches and I was forced to stay there. I would have to pretend that there weren't thousands of them behind the walls and under everything that hadn't been moved in the last 10 minutes. So this story is pretty bad for me. 


    A Greyhound bus driving from Atlantic City to New York on Friday had to pull over by the side of the road because it was INFESTED with COCKROACHES.  About 10 minutes into the trip, roaches suddenly appeared and were crawling on passengers and falling from the ceiling.  The 48 passengers waited by the side of the road until another bus came to pick them up.




  • You Just Got Caught!

    Posted by Nick Steele


    We had a listener write in and share a funny story with us (which you should feel free to do! Email me nick.steele@mwcradio.com or just post to our Facebook page).

    She tells us how she was worried her son was "sexting" and decided to go through his phone messages. Well she accidentally deleted ALL of them! What's worse is that she didn't find anything bad in them, so she really has nothing to fall back on. She tried to lie about it to her son but was caught almost immediately.

    So we started wondering, what is the last lie you were caught in?