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  • FIRST LOOK: Disney "Star Wars" Merch

    Posted by Nick Steele

    We all knew it was coming and now we all want to buy it! Disney just released their preview of upcoming Star Wars merchandise that will be released for their Star Wars Weekends. Story courtesy of www.geeksaresexy.com 

    Starting May 17 and running through June 9, the ‘Star Wars Weekends‘ event returns to Disney Hollywood Studios!

    We’ve got a look at some of the new merchandise that will be offered — most of it is amazing, and if you ever wanted the Muppets and Star Wars  to mix, well, here’s your chance!




  • R2-D2 Bra?

    Posted by Nick Steele



    Not only is this a cool looking bra, it also has lights and sounds (not that we need something to draw our attention to the area) that sound just like R2-D2!


    It doesn't look like it would be super comfortable but that doesn't bother me. Watch the lights and sounds in the video. Then learn how to make your own!



  • Relive 1997 in Under 10 Minutes

    Posted by Nick Steele


    It's amazing how far back 1997 is...I officially feel old after watching this video. I hadn't realized so many things that I remember from my childhood happened that year. Feel old with me and see if you can remember all of the movies and songs from 1997. 




    Video courtesy of Buzzfeed.com 

  • Sip On This 3/29

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Here are my stories from today's Sip On This. 

    On Wednesday morning, 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier got a call from the principal at her son's school, Fairforest Middle School in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Her son was getting suspended and she had to come pick him up. And she was filled with that MOM RAGE we all still have nightmares about.

     Tyshekka drove to the school, STORMED into the office, saw her son with his head down, and started SLAPPING HIM. There was just one problem.  It WASN'T HER SON.  It was another kid, who was sick and waiting for his mom to come pick him up.

    Tyshekka realized it, apologized . . . then walked over to the kid who was ACTUALLY her son and started slapping HIM. She was arrested and charged with disturbing a school and two counts of assault and battery.

     That poor sick kid was having a REALLY bad day.



    Our streets are safe again.  America's biggest CHEESE HEIST of the year has been solved.

    Earlier this week, 34-year-old Veniamin Balika of Plainfield, Illinois decided to steal a lifetime supply of cheese.  We're not sure what he was going to do with it, because he clearly did NOT have a buyer waiting.

     But he forged some paperwork, went to K&K Cheese in Cashton, Wisconsin, and drove off with a truck containing 42,000 POUNDS of MUENSTER CHEESE.  That cheese has a street value around $200,000.

     Then he started transporting the cheese across state lines.  He was finally busted in Bergen County, New Jersey on Monday . . . trying to sell the cheese at a REST STOP off the turnpike. There's no word on how much he was trying to get for the cheese . . . just that he wanted to unload all 1,135 cases.

     He was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and fencing.


  • Prince Rupert's Drop is STUNNING!

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Before I watched this video I could never tell you what a Prince Rupert's Drop was but now I will never forget it. THis is one of the coolest and most bizarre things I have ever seen. Apparently it has been a mystery for years and thanks to high speed technology cameras, they can finally tell you why this awesome thing happens. 


  • When You Quit Facebook

    Posted by Nick Steele

    At least one person a week on my friends list is always threatening to QUIT Facebook for good! A couple weeks later they return like nothing ever happened with the obligatory "Im back!" post. 

    Beleive it or not someone quitting for good is pretty rare but it CAN be done. 

    A student at DePaul University in Chicago named Kristina Campagna deleted her Facebook page over a year ago, and hasn't gone back.  And apparently that's such an amazing feat, "USA Today" asked her to write an article about it.

     Here are the top three things she says she's learned since quitting Facebook.


     #1.)  Some of the Information People Post Is Actually Valuable.  Most of it isn't, but a lot of people use Facebook to discuss news, politics, and pop culture.  So if you quit, you either fall behind on it, or actually have to seek it out yourself.


    #2.)  When You're Not on Facebook, You're More Mysterious.  As in, people can't reach for their phone and check out bikini photos as soon as they meet you.

     Although, you're ALSO more mysterious to potential EMPLOYERS, which ISN'T good.  Because these days, a lot of hiring managers assume you're old and/or crazy if you're not on Facebook.


    #3.)  Not Everyone Knows When Your Birthday Is.  So when someone SAYS "happy birthday," it actually means something . . . because it's not just an old high school friend who happened to see a birthday alert. 


  • Sip On This 3/28

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Here are my stories from todays Sip On This at 9:15. 

    Back in November, our ICY HEARTS were briefly thawed by the story of a New York cop who saw a homeless man sitting barefoot in Times Square, and spent $75 to buy him a brand new pair of shoes.  And a photo of the scene got 618,000 Facebook likes.

     About two weeks later, our enthusiasm waned after reporters caught up with the homeless guy, 54-year-old Jeffrey Hillman, and hesaid he felt EXPLOITED, because he didn't get a DIME from all the media attention the story was getting.

     And now, our enthusiasm is GONE and our hearts are back to being icy and black.

     On Sunday, a few "New York Post" reporters followed Jeffrey after he left Times Square  and watched him head right back to an apartment.  He was counting a huge stack of bills as he walked up.

     When they confronted him, he admitted he ISN'T homeless.  He's just a con man who poses as a homeless guy and makes HUNDREDS a day doing it.  At maybe $250 a day, 200 days a year, that makes it a $50,000-a-year, TAX-FREE job.

     And as for the shoes he got from the cop, Jeffrey admitted he owns at least 30 pairs of shoes and boots. 



    Over the weekend, a family went to an Olive Garden in Vernon Hills, Illinois.  And the three-year-old girl told their server, quote, "Grandpa's house burned down."

     It was true.  Her grandpa's house HAD just had a serious fire.  And the Olive Garden decided to lift the family's spirits by COMPING THEIR ENTIRE MEAL.

     The girl's dad posted the receipt on Reddit on Tuesday night and, of course, people immediately speculated it was a FAKE PR STUNT . . . because people are horribly cynical.  But it wasn't, the receipt is real and this really happened.

     A rep from Olive Garden says, quote, "We are always looking for ways to surprise and delight our guests, and this was one of the ways the Olive Garden team in Vernon Hills did that last weekend."


  • Shake Shake Shake!

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Want to see a bunch of cute animals shaking water off themselves in slow motion? Of course you do! To top that all off, they are even going to teach you stuff about the science of them shaking the water off and how fast they do it. 



  • Butt Why?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Have you ever noticed how Action movie posters tend to focus on the butts of their female actresses? I did, and this is my way of saying thank you to all of the poster designers. Don't believe me? Now you will always notice it!


  • Dora the Explorer Live Action Movie Part 2

    Posted by Nick Steele


    If you were entranced by the first part then prepare for part 2 of the epic saga about Dora the Explorer. 

    In Part 2, Dora’s journey continues with Diego and Benny “The Bull” at the Tomb of the Ancients. It’s riddles have confounded generations of explorers, but can Dora solve the puzzle? Do her friends help or hinder?


  • WATCH: Wolverine Full Trailer

    Posted by Nick Steele


    IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! They just showed us a teaser yesterday but now I have found the full International Trailer. So many good comic book movies hitting theatres this year I can't wait for the summer. 



  • These Are EGG-cellent Designs!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    So you are planning on painting eggs this weekend for Easter but don't know what to do? Here are some really cool Egg designs that we all wish our eggs looked like. I wish that I had the talent and the time to do things like this...but then I would be the "egg" guy. I think I'll stick to just admiring other people's work. 




    The artist blogger who goes by U. painted eggs for Easter, and reproduced different familiar artworks on each. Some of the painters represented are Andy Warhol, Picasso, Magritte, Mondrian, Van Gogh, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. This project requires a steady and patient hand.



    Jacquie LongLegs is a Games of Thrones fan, so she made her Easter eggs to resemble the dragon eggs seen in the HBO series. You can make them, too! She'll show you how it's done in a short video.



    These eggs are each emblazoned with a different insignias from the various planets and groups of the Star Trek universe. DeviantART member kryz-flavored used polymer clay and paint to decorate real eggs. He identifies each insignia for you:

    Top down, left to right:
    tos command, tos engineering, tos science, tos medical
    silver/red klingon, klingon, tng combadge, voy combadge
    cardassian, obsidian order, tng-era UFP, vulcan IDIC
    ferengi, lore's "free" borg, romulan star empire [not quite finished]



    Pretty! These eggs are made with three colors of gelatin, plain gelatin, coconut milk, and rum. Oh, and you'll need a proper mold to put them in. You'll find the recipe at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.



    Why just decorate eggs when you can make them glow? Instructables member PaleoDan shows you how to add battery-powered lights to blown-out eggshells.



    Lesley A. Jensen, also known as DeviantART member Red Flare, creates a new set of pop culture Easter eggs every year. You can browse through her gallery of eggs from TV, movies, comic books, and video games. She hasn't yet revealed her eggs for this year, so check back. The eggs shown here are decorated to resemble characters from the video game Mass Effect in the 2012 collection.



    Flickr user Rakka made Easter eggs that resembled LEGO bricks! She glued small mints onto hard boiled eggs and then painted them in LEGO colors. Who cares if they don't interlock -they look so cool.  



    Bella Manu at Art Club Blog recreated the look of Roy Lichtenstein's art for her Easter eggs last year. She achieved that by using black acrylic paint for outlines and limiting the colors to red, yellow, and blue to imitate Lichtenstein's comic-book-art style.



    Svitlana Polishchuk of Ternopil, Ukraine, makes all kinds of crafts covered with tiny beads. These Easter eggs are made of bead-covered wood, made to look like the baby chicks that would hatch from them! See more Ukrainian beaded eggs at Travel West Ukraine.



    It's a shame that so many eggs go to waste when they are dyed and decorated -and not eaten. But Debra Taylor found that you can dye the inside of an egg just as easily as the shell. She posted instructions for making colored deviled eggs to serve at your Easter dinner. If you use egg dye with vinegar, don't worry about the flavor, as the spices in the deviled part are more pungent than the small amount of vinegar in the dye bath. What's a deviled egg without flavor, anyway?

    Pictures courtesy of wwww.mentalfloss.com