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  • Warner Bros - "Cease & Desist on Tattoos"

    Posted by Nick Steele


     So I'm cruising around the internet today in just my boxers (cause that's what I do) when I come across this story about the people of the WB trying to ban comic hero themed tattoos. Warner Brothers is the parent company of DC Comics so that means anything Superman, Batman, Wonder Womna, Green Lantern etc is under thier copyright protection.

    Apprently there were some lawyers at C2E2 in Chicago this year handing out ceast and desist letters to people that had these kinds of tattoos. According to one of the Warners lawyers "“It is unlicensed artwork. And like any bootlegged material we are going to come down against it. We see it as no different from t-shirt or other paraphernalia”

    At pretty much every convention you can find places that will put your favorite superhero on your arm right there on the spot. If you are one of the people that would go to these kinds of events usually have a tattoo or SEVERAL because these are the things they love. I know I have had my Superman tat since I was 16 and I'm kind of offended that they would not want me to support their product. 

    The querstions that come up would be do they have the right to do this and where does the line get drawn? The whole point of tattoos are to brand yourself with something that you love or that has influenced you. Usually that is something that comes with a copyright. Most importantly, what are they going to do about the ones people already have? 



  • Where in the Haute are we?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    We are new in town and so we have gone exploring! Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking pictures in some popular Terre Haute locations. Listen to Nick and Kristen every morning from 6-10 AM and if you know where in the "Haute" we are you might be able to win some prizes. So we got to ask...


    Where in the "Haute" are we?