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  • 10 Celebs You Didn't Know Had Twin Siblings

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Some of these are pretty scary, like the Heder brothers. Plus I don't know which London brother is the actor. Check out these 10 celebrities and their twin siblings!


    1. Michael and Ashton Kutcher



    2. Hunter and Scarlett Johanson 




    3. Vin and Paul Diesel




     4. Jon and Daniel Heder



    5. Patricia and Gisele Bundchen



    6. John and Jana Elway



    7. Marissa and Giovanni Ribisi



    8. Alanis and Wade Morisette




     9. Jason and Jeremy London




     10. Keifer and Rachel Sutherland



  • WATCH: Man of Steele Make-Over Part 2

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Nick Steele is back at Elements Salon & spa in for the Man of Steele Makeover. This week Danielle is giving him his first manicure and pedicure with all the bells and whistles! You can win this same treatment by registering NOW on the front page!

  • Mom Forgot To Teach Me ____?

    Posted by Nick Steele


    When I moved out of mom's house I didn't realize that there were a lot of things she did for me that I didn't know how to do. For example, I had to google how to do my first load of laundry because I never had to do my own before. Luckily I knew how to cook but I had never done my own dishes before so I just bought a bunch of paper plates and plastic cups until I learned. 

    You never notice the things you don't know until you have to do them yourself and I'm not the only one. Check out what an alarming number of college students can't do on their own. 


    Boil an egg: 30%
    Make toast 18%
    Make a pot of tea 26%
    Cook a full English breakfast 43%
    Make a spaghetti sauce 48%
    Cook a baked potato 30%
    Make a bed 23%
    Iron a shirt 42%
    Do a white wash 44%
    Dust a room 31%
    Set up a direct debit 44%
    Buy a train ticket 23%
    Pay a bill 35%
    Set up a DVD player 33%
    Use a tumble dryer 50%


    The lesson to learn here is to love and appreciate your mom. Also, before you go off to college make sure she is either coming with you, close by or teaches you everything she knows! Take notes. 

  • 51% of Men Are Cheap

    Posted by Nick Steele




    The times have changed and 51% of men are happy about it. According to a new survey, that many men believe that women should pay for half of the check on the first date. In fact less than a third of men think that they should pay for everything on the first date. I know that women are now more equal than ever but my mama always taught me that I pay for everything, all the time. 


    The reason behind men feeling this way is mainly due to finanacial pressure, however a lot of them don't think they should pay because it's unfair. Up to 5% of men now a days don't believe that should have to pay for anything, that the woman should treat them. 


    Now that we can see that this little rule is pretty much shattered, what other customs do you think are dead now? Should men still open the door for ladies? How about laying down their jackets to allow women to walk over puddles? Is it that don't have any manners anymore or is today's woman ok with not having everything bought for her? Let us know in the comments. 




  • 4 Reasons Why You Are Single

    Posted by Nick Steele



    It's probably not because you aren't attractive (most of you) sometimes it can just be little things that people don't want to deal with or it could be YOU and you don't realize it. I came across this list of the 4 most likely reasons for your lonely tear filled evenings watching the Notebook and asking yourself "why me?" ....or is that just me? 



    #1.)  You're Too Picky.  If you automatically pass on someone just because they're not as tall as you want them to be . . . or they don't have a college degree . . . you're shutting yourself off from a huge number of potential dates.


    #2.)  You're Afraid of Rejection.  You can't go into it thinking you're going to hit it off with every person you come across.  You WILL get shot down sometimes and it WILL suck.


    #3.)  You're Easy.  Ladies, this one's for you.  Stop pushing sex as your main attraction.  Once that's off the table, guys will start noticing your other good qualities.  


    #4.)  You Spend Too Much Time with the Same People.  If you're constantly hanging around with the same group of people, you're never going to meet anyone new.  So try going out without your usual group at least once a month.

  • WATCH: Man of Steele Make-Over Part 1

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Nick Steele from the Mix Morning Show on 100.7 in Terre Haute is getting a make over from the ladies at Elements Salon and Spa. Each week he will get one treatment to make him into a presentable human being. This week it's a hair cut (trust me he needed it) Watch the video to learn how you can win a Hair cut from Elements! 



  • Are These the 21 Hottest Music Stars Under 21?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Justin Beiber, SeXy


    According to Billboard they are! Once again Justin Beiber tops the list with One Direction finishing at #2. They didn't really reveal the criteria for how they made the rankings but I'm sure you can just trust them in their decisions. Did your favorite make the cut? 


    1.)  Justin Bieber, 18 . . . He was also #1 last year

    2.)  One Direction, they're 20, 19, 19, 19 and 18 . . . They were #19 last year.

    3.)  Demi Lovato, 20 . . . She was #7 last year.

    4.)  Scotty McCreery, 18 . . . He was also #4 last year.

    5.)  Rapper Mac Miller, 20 . . . He was #6 last year.

    6.)  Selena Gomez, 20 . . . She was #3 last year.

    7.)  DJ Porter Robinson, 20 . . . He was #18 last year.

    8.)  Cher Lloyd from the British "X Factor", 19

    9.)  Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt, 18

    10.)  Nick Jonas, 20 . . . He was #8 last year.

    11.)  "America's Got Talent" star Jackie Evancho, 12 . . . She was #5 last year.

    12.)  Cody Simpson, 15 . . . He was #13 last year.

    13.)  The R&B group Mindless Behavior, all four of them are 15 . . . They were #16 last year.

    14.)  YouTube stars Megan and Liz, they're both 19

    15.)  Korean pop star IU, 19 

    16.)  Disney star Bridgit Mendler, 19

    17.)  Mexican musicians 3BallMTY, they're 20, 19 and 19

    18.)  Miley Cyrus, 19 . . . She was #21 last year.

    19.)  French electronic music star Madeon, 18

    20.)  "Austin & Ally" star Ross Lynch, 16 

    21.)  Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice, 19 . . . She was #10 last year.

  • The 100 Best Toys of All Time

    Posted by Nick Steele



    The Children's Museum of Indianapolis surveyed 24,000 people all over the country to find out what toy was the best of all time. THE WINNER IS... G.I. JOE! Do you agree? The top 100 are listed below, some of them are general toys like #34 Video Games. That's all video games from all systems. 


    Did your favorite toys make the list? Which ones did they forget?

    1 G.I. Joe® 1829 votes
    2 Transformers® 1089 votes
    3 LEGO® Toys 837 votes
    4 Barbie® 832 votes
    5 View-Master® 694 votes
    6 Bicycle 688 votes
    7 Cabbage Patch Kids® 670 votes
    8 Crayons 652 votes
    9 Play-Doh® 613 votes
    10 MONOPOLY® 608 votes

    11 Raggedy Ann® 601 votes
    12 Spirograph™ 502 votes
    13 Etch A Sketch® 502 votes
    14 Little Golden Books® 493 votes
    15 Hot Wheels® 480 votes
    16 Lincoln Logs® 448 votes
    17 Candy Land® 426 votes
    18 Roller Skates 415 votes
    19 Silly® Putty 387 votes
    20 Mr. Potato Head®

    21 Slinky® 315 votes
    22 Big Wheel® 312 votes
    23 Tinkertoy® 300 votes
    24 Baby Doll 266 votes
    25 Easy-Bake® Oven 262 votes
    26 My Little Pony® 262 votes
    27 Paper Dolls 259 votes
    28 Dr. Seuss ® 253 votes
    29 Harry Potter® Books 252 votes
    30 Care Bear™ 252 votes

    31 Farm Toys 251 votes
    32 UNO® 240 votes
    33 Clue® 239 votes
    34 Video Games 238 votes
    35 See 'n Say™ 217 votes
    36 Red Wagon 206 votes
    37 Latch Hook Rug 200 votes
    38 Strawberry Shortcake® Dolls 190 votes
    39 Toy Telephone 190 votes
    40 Magic 8 Ball®

    41 Dollhouse 184 votes
    42 Toy Train 177 votes
    43 Play Kitchen 177 votes
    44 Star Wars® toys 175 votes
    45 Comic Book 174 votes
    46 Jacks 173 votes
    47 Jump Rope 171 votes
    48 Rubik's Cube® 165 votes
    49 Sled 163 votes
    50 Teddy Bear 157 votes

    51 Baseball Card 157 votes
    52 Toy Soldiers 156 votes
    53 Twister® 154 votes
    54 Paint by Numbers 153 votes
    55 Blocks 148 votes
    56 Checkers 145 votes
    57 Toy Gun 142 votes
    58 Ball 141 votes
    59 Yo-Yo 140 votes
    60 Mouse Trap®

    61 Happy Meal® Toys 134 votes
    62 The Little Engine That Could™ 133 votes
    63 Frisbee® 131 votes
    64 Beanie Babies® 126 votes
    65 Tea Set 115 votes
    66 Puzzle 115 votes
    67 Doctor & Nurse Kit 113 votes
    68 Lunch Box 107 votes
    69 Underoos® 107 votes
    70 Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots™ 107 votes

    71 Marbles 105 votes
    72 American Girl® Doll 104 votes
    73 Action Figures 103 votes
    74 Xylophone 101 votes
    75 Erector® Set 100 votes
    76 Mickey Mouse® Ears 99 votes
    77 Mother Goose 98 votes
    78 Curious George™ 97 votes
    79 Jack-in-the-Box 97 votes
    80 Hoppity Hop 90 votes

    81 Toy Truck 85 votes
    82 Sandbox & Beach Toys 80 votes
    83 Dinosaur Toys 71 votes
    84 Halloween Costume 69 votes
    85 Top 69 votes
    86 Rocking Horse 67 votes
    87 Toy Piano 66 votes
    88 Dress-Up Clothes 63 votes
    89 Toy Story® Toys 61 votes
    90 Barney® 60 votes

    91 Piggy Bank 47 votes
    92 Fire Truck 43 votes
    93 Puppets 42 votes
    94 Housekeeping Toys 40 votes
    95 Toy Tools 39 votes
    96 Pull Toy 36 votes
    97 Robot 35 votes
    98 Tickle Me Elmo 28 votes
    99 Bath Toy 25 votes
    100 Wind-Up Toys 24 votes
  • PHOTO: You Did This to Yourself On Purpose?

    Posted by Nick Steele



    I'm not sure what this guy was going for but he is being compared to Popeye. ALthough, Popeye has giant forarms and you just look like a badly photoshopped photo. Either way he has the World record for largest biceps at 31 inches in diameter. 

    At least work out the rest of the arm man...sheesh..





  • VIDEO: Apple's Keynote & New iPhone 5 pics

    Posted by Nick Steele



    I know that you really can't go online without seeing something about the new iPhone 5 but I wanted to write about it anyway! Pretty much everything that has been rumored for months came true yesterday in the announcement from Apple, so people are saying that they are "let down" when I'm sure it's just because they aren't surprised. 

    I couldn't be more excited about this phone, it's faster, thinner and has a bigger screen. What more could you ask for from a phone? Plus don't forget about iOS6 which has an incredible amount of updates on it including the new 3D map built in. 

    Plus, no matter what the social media universe says about how let down they are, this thing is still going to break the sales records again. I know that I will be waiting outside of AT&T to make sure I get mine bright and early! Who's coming with me? 


    Watch the entire Keynote by clicking HERE


    Photobucket Photobucket


  • WATCH: Taylor Swift's New Song Will Make You Cry

    Posted by Nick Steele




    Taykor Swift performed at Stand Up 2 Cancer on Friday with a song that was very unlike her VMA song. It was a song called "Ronan" and it's about a 3yr old boy that died from cancer. It was co-written with the mom of the kid who passed away. The song is available for purchase and all the proceeds go to cancer research. The song shot to #1 on iTunes over the weekend underneath Swift's latest hit "We're Never Ever Getting Back Together" and she posted a pic of it on her Instagram. Here is a video of her performance, make sure you have tissues nearby. 



  • Where in the Haute Are We?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    We are new in town and so we have gone exploring! Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking pictures in some popular Terre Haute locations. Listen to Nick and Kristen every morning from 6-10 AM and if you know where in the "Haute" we are you might be able to win some prizes. So we got to ask...

    Where in the "Haute" are we?