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  • Clark Kent Quits The Daily Planet!

    Posted by Nick Steele




    This just in: Clark Kent AKA Superman has QUIT the Daily Planet Newspaper! 

    In the newest issue of Superman (the comic) Clark Kent quits his job as a mild mannered reporter at the Daily Planet Newspaper in a not-so-mild-mannered way. 


    According to USA Today, he doesn’t go quietly. In fact, Kent resigns in a “Jerry Maguire-type moment,” loudly in front of the entire staff. The beat reporter emphatically emphasizes his unhappiness with how journalism has given way to entertainment.

    “Go easy on us,” another journalist tells Kent. “Times are changing, and print is a dying medium.”


    According to the comic’s author, Scott Lobdell, Kent will likely start a blog. “I don’t think he’s going to be filling out an application anywhere,” Lobdell says. “He is more likely to start the next Huffington Post or the nextDrudge Report than he is to go find someone else to get assignments or draw a paycheck from.”


    At first, as a Superman SUPER-NERD I was SHOCKED! But then...it kind of makes sense that CK would be about the reporting of real news instead of TMZ style reporting. I know that I will be getting the latest issue of Superman, will you? 

    What is your reaction to the iconic character quitting something that is just as much a part of his history as the "S" on his chest?




    Want to know what Superhero most people would make out with? Click HERE

  • Who Has This Kind of Time?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Some of these things must have taken DAYS! Who has the time to design this stuff? Who ever it may be, nerds all around the world would like to say "Thank you" for taking the time. Especially the TMNT one...that's my fav! 


    1. Chewbacca Bento

    Chewbacca Bento

    2. Link (Legend of Zelda) Pixel Cookies

    Link (Legend of Zelda) Pixel Cookies

    3. TMNT Logo Pizza

    TMNT Logo Pizza


    4. Carbonite Han Solo Cookies

    Carbonite Han Solo Cookies

    5. Lego Minifig Cake Pops

    Lego Minifig Cake Pops

    6. Pac-Man Dumplings

    Pac-Man Dumplings

    7. Fractal Pancakes

    Fractal Pancakes

    8. Minecraft Creeper Cake Bars

    Minecraft Creeper Cake Bars


    9. Phyrexian Unlife Cake (Magic: The Gathering)

    Phyrexian Unlife Cake (Magic: The Gathering)

    10. IRL Lembas Bread

    IRL Lembas Bread

    11. Gingerbread AT-AT

    Gingerbread AT-AT

    12. Studio Ghibli Character Cake Balls

    Studio Ghibli Character Cake Balls

    13. Where The Wild Things Are Bento

    Where The Wild Things Are Bento

    14. Batman Latte

    Batman Latte

    15. Hello Avengers Cupcakes

    Hello Avengers Cupcakes

    16. Angry Birds Pizza

    Angry Birds Pizza

    17. Space Invaders Chocolate

    Space Invaders Chocolate

    18. Mana Cookies

    Mana Cookies


    19. Dalek Cake

    Dalek Cake

    20. Pokémon Cupcakes

    Pokémon Cupcakes
  • Star Wars Fears The Gangnam Side

    Posted by Nick Steele

    This made me chuckle and I thought that you should be given every opportunity to chuckle as well. Watch this short video! 





  • Would You Buy The iPad Mini?

    Posted by Nick Steele




    As of right now, these are only rumors but it seems that this may actually be happening. Tuesday Apple will be holding their annual event for their iPads and the web is all a buzz about what is being called the iPad Mini. A smaller version of the current iPad at about 7.85 inches which is about 2 inches smaller than the iPad. 

    Here is a list of rumors according to TechCrunch.com 

    The iPad mini is rumored to have a number of different characteristics, including an aluminum design with two color options like the latest iPhone 5, cellular network connectivity, a display that may not provide true Retina resolution in order to keep costs down, and an estimated delivery date of late October or early November. There are also rumors that Apple will introduce a slightly refreshed full-sized iPad at this event, with a Lightning dock connector and slightly improved specs. Price will be the big wildcard here, for the iPad mini especially: estimates range from as low as $249 to around $399 as a starting price for the new tablet.


    They also seem to be focusing on Educational purposes so they could be using this iPad mini as a way of getting iPads to the kids in school. Who knows? We will find out tomorrow! 





  • 4 Ways To Be More Likable

    Posted by Nick Steele



    We all want to be liked by the new people we meet but we never really know if we make a good first impression. Well for those of you who have been told you "seem like a snob" when they meet new people then here are some tips to come off more friendly. 


    #1.) Asking for a Favor. But only if you say "thank you" afterward. Studies have found that asking for a favor and saying "thank you" actually make you more likeable than DOING a favor for someone.

    It's partly because we subconsciously like it when someone OWES us a favor. It's also because when YOU do someone a favor, they forget about it pretty quickly. But when they do YOU a favor and you THANK them, it sticks in their mind.

    #2.) How Good Looking Your Friends Are. Researchers tested this one by setting up two fake Facebook accounts that were exactly the same. The only difference was, one of them had HOT friends, and the other didn't.

    Then they showed both profiles to people, and asked if they'd like to meet the person. In the end, people were 20% more likely to want to meet the one with good-looking Facebook friends.

    #3.) Wearing Clothes with Brand Names on Them. They don't even have to be NICE brand names. Just having ANY brand name on your shirt makes you more likeable, because it makes people more likely to TRUST you.

    In one study, two groups of researchers collected money for charity: Some of them were in plain clothes, and some were in clothing with brand names. And the ones with brand names got twice as many donations.

    #4.) Embarrassing Yourself in Public. A bunch of studies have shown that when people see you embarrassed, it makes them think you're nicer and more trustworthy.

    It makes sense when you think about it, because if you're the kind of person who gets embarrassed easily, then you're also more likely to be nice to people so you AVOID embarrassing situations. But obviously it's ironic, since we try so hard NOT to embarrass ourselves in public

  • Cockroach Crawls on Reporter LIVE!

    Posted by Nick Steele



    This gives me the HEEBIE-JEEBIES! A reporter was live on TV and a GIANT cockroach starts crawling all over him and he doesn't notice! EWWWWWW!!!!!!





    Got to LOVE live TV. Check out this dirty weather report HERE

  • Am I A Bad Boyfriend?

    Posted by Nick Steele


    This time of year is always good for guys because all the ladies like to dress up as Sexy (Insert costume here). Which means that there will be a lot of sexy ladies wandering around that us dirty men can oggle.

    However, on the flip side, our girlfriends might be one of those ladies getting oggled because she also wanted to dress sexy. Some guys/girls like to have their significant others stared at and take it as a compliment. While others can't stand having their partners checked out.

    We got a Facebook message over the weekend about this exact thing:


    Like most other hot girls, my girlfriend wants to dress in a sexy costume for Halloween. She wants to be Daenerys Targaryen from "Game of Thrones".

    Most guys would be psyched, but I'm not. I don't want other guys ogling her in her costume, and I think it'll distract me from enjoying the night. Plus, I like when costumes are scary or creative, or both. Not just about showing skin.

    Do any other guys NOT want their girlfriends to dress slutty on Halloween? Is there something wrong with me?



    Do you mind if your significant other dresses sexy this Halloween? 


    If you have any questions you would like us to ask on the radio please email me at Nick.Steele@MWCradio.com 

    Like listener questions? See if you can help THIS parent out. 

  • If Pokemon Were Real!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    You never really think about what cartoons would look like if they really existed. All the cute cuddly pokemon that you know and love would be HIDEOUS!! Well at least according to the guy who drew these pictures.


     This is a series of realistically painted Pokemons by DeviantARTist arvalis (aka RJ Palmer -- check out his page for ultra high-res shots)



  • Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

    Posted by Nick Steele

    A website called Film.com has dropped a list of the Top 50 Horror Movies. Here are the top 10, do you agree?

    #1.) "The Shining"

    #2.) "The Thing"


    #3.) "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"


    #4.) "Night of the Living Dead"


    #5.) "The Exorcist"

    #6.) "Halloween"

    #7.) "Carrie"

    #8.) "Alien"

    #9.) "Rosemary's Baby"

    #10.) "Jaws"



  • 20 Comic-Con Costume Tips

    Posted by Nick Steele




    Comic-Con NEw York just ended recently and you are bummed because you didn't go AGAIN. I'm right there with ya, but next time we will be there! Before you go, here are some costume tips you NEED to know! 



  • THAT'S Going to Leave A Mark...

    Posted by Nick Steele



    The greatest Cannonball ever attempted into a frozen pool....ouch!


  • Lose Weight or ELSE!

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Signing the register :)


    So I was talking to my friend Casey yesterday and he brought up something that just made me think. His wife just had a baby (awww!) and the first thing he told me was that she needs to lose the weight she gained in 3 months or he is leaving her (Whaaaat?). When I asked him why, he actually made a good argument..,

    He told me that when they got together they agreed to stay physically the same throughtout their marriage and gave one another permission to leave if they didn't. That includes the habits they had before they were married like smoking. If they didn't smoke before, they couldn't start smoking later.

    While this sounds a little harsh I think it's kind of brilliant. We all expect to remain married to the person we fell in love with in the start of our relationship so why not create a verbal contract that says that.

    There is that whole "I'm in love with the person inside, so the outside doesn't matter" but let's be honest...it matters.

    Is my friend out of line for this statement or do you have similar agreements with your spouse?