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  • Matching Tattoos?

    Posted by Nick Steele



    So we ask you guys to write us with all your questions you want answered in life so that we can put them out there for everyone to help. Well we got another once from Jenny about a tattoo her boyfriend wants her to get, can you help?


    Nick & Kristen,

       So me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 years and he just asked me to get his name tatooed on my shoulder. I mean, I love him and I don't see us breaking up any time soon but...thats pretty permanent and if we do ever break up then I'm stuck with it forever! He said he will get my name on his body if I get his on mine but I hear so many horror stories about this happenig to people. What should I do?




    Should you EVER get another persons name tattoed on your body? Has this ever happened to you? How did it end? Give Jenny some advice! 



  • You Will Never Be THIS Good

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Some people were born to be singers, actors or dancers. These guys seem to have been born to carve pumpkins! Growing up, this is what you imagined your pumpkin looked like before you started carving...then when you were done you realized that you sucked at craving pumpkins because its WAY harder than it looks. These guys got you covered though with this 1,872 pound pumpkin carving. 

    His name is Ray Villafane and he and his team were given 3 of the biggest pumpkins in the US to work with, including an 1,872lb one. They took them and created a scene for Ney Yorks's Botanical Garden. 







    Here is some more work from them!







  • Mike Myers AS Michael Myers!

    Posted by Nick Steele



    Can you imagine that under that scary William Shatner mask is little ol' Mike Myers from Austin Powers? The Halloween movies would have sounded a bit different. "How different Nick?" You ask. THIS DIFFERENT! 



  • Can You Name The South Park Character?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    If the characters from South Park were drawn a little more realistically then they would probably look like this! I had some trouble with some of them, but after carefull study I could get them all! How about you? (Timmy is my favorite!) 



  • Face...Meet Door.

    Posted by Nick Steele

    I'm not sure why this guy was running in the parking lot but he definitely forgot to look up! BAM!!!! hahahaha 




    If you can't see the video click here http://youtu.be/WwN3On40mfg 

  • Grossest Halloween Candies EVER!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    No it's not Candy Corn, althought I could argue that it should be in the top 10 cause it's DISGUSTING! The ones on this list are a little more disturbing...


    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    1. Dracula Drool

    This vile vial gets bonus gross-out points for its graphic name. It's not just blood, it's hemoglobin-stained saliva that dripped off the Count's slobbering fangs.

    2.Vampire Hair

    Candy hair would have made this list on its own; so would candy vampires. The combination in a flossy candy that explodes on your tongue puts it at No. 2. Also noteworthy is the revelation that Marge Simpson is indeed a vampire.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    3. Forkz Candy Eyeballs

    Who needs candy corn when you can get candy corneas? As if they're hors d'oeuvres at a monster mash party, these eyeballs have forks sticking out to really make them pop.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    4. Pick 'n Lick

    A giant sugar cotton swab gathers up globs of ear wax-colored powder. This is the eeriest candy here.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    5. Toxic Waste

    There's a classic trope of hazardous waste turning people into heinous mutants. This version turns kids into people who enjoy sucking on unpleasant, intensely sour candy. According to the barrel's chart, keeping one of these in your mouth for a minute makes you a full toxie head. If you last only 45 seconds you're just a toxie wannabe.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    6. Slithering Snake Suckers

    The disturbing part of this candy is not that its similarity in size, shape, and color to a real snake would elicit a double take from any unsuspecting passerby, but the fact that it "lasts all day." According to the box's printed gauge, if you start sucking at dawn, you'll only be halfway finished by noon. Sounds noxious.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    7. French-Fried Gummy Candy Fingers with Liquid Candy Blood

    Chicken fingers and french fries are kid-menu staples. This candy capitalizes on what children already desire, but with a revolting twist: They're human-shaped fingers stuffed in a french-fry box with a packet of blood as a condiment. That points it in the top-10 digits.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    8. Blood Energy Potion

    This sugary maroon liquid claims to have "similar nutritional content to natural blood." A serving does provide 55% of recommended daily iron value and 880mg of amino acids. It even tastes like blood, but only Franken Berry's blood. An impressive Web tie-in poses it as a synthetic blood substitute for vampires, an alternative to feasting on humans. With its microwave instructions to heat to 98.6°F and transfusion bag packaging, we give this an A(Rh)+ for commitment.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    9. Body Parts Sushi

    There's something about eyeballs, fingers, and ears topping seaweed-wrapped rice that gives us an extra kick of queasiness. Associating hacked body parts with customary fare legitimizes cannibalism in a way that puts us ill at ease. Also, the list of ingredients includes the word "pork." Wretch. Comes with chopsticks.

    (Photo: Peggy Gertner)

    10. Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans

    The Harry Potter series has ended, and so must this list. (Un)fortunately, the franchise leaves us with the grossest candy ever marketed: jelly beans made to taste like "dirt," "rotten eggs," and "vomit." You don't need to have consumed an earthworm to know that the Jelly Belly chefs nailed the flavor. It's obvious in its repulsiveness. 






  • Now, BEAR With Me...

    Posted by Nick Steele




    So I was clicking through the channels and came across the show Divorce Court. I stopped because this lady was standing there with a giant stuffed bear in her hands. I couldn't connect the 2 things right away so I had to watch. Apparently she takes this thing everywhere! He argument is that it is faithful, doesn't lie and will never leave her (someone has abandonment issues!) and her husband can't take it anymore. He says that he isn't comfortable having sex with his wife because the bear is there...watching. 

    Obviously this woman has issues beyond help, but it reminded me of a girl I used to date that slept with a Teddy Bear. It stands out to me because she was 25 years old and never missed a night without it. It struck me as a little weird but that was all that was weird about her. She seemed like a perfectly normal girl with no issues that I could see, except that she slept with this Bear every night. 

    When are you too old for stuffed animals in the bed? Is there an age limit or is this perfectly normal? 


    Here is the video with the lady and her teddy, it's about 2 minutes into the video CLICK HERE





  • Tom Hanks Slams "Full House"

    Posted by Nick Steele



    Do you love slam poetry? Tom Hanks? The show Full House? Laughing? Then you may want to watch this video with ALL of those things! 

    Tom Hanks performs a Slam Poetry session on Jimmy Fallon and it's all about the 90's show Full House! 



  • 6 People At Every Halloween Party

    Posted by Nick Steele



    Chances are you're going to a Halloween party this weekend right? When you get there, be sure to be on the lookout for these 6 people that seem to be at EVERY Halloween party.


    #1.)  The Person Who Claims They're Wearing a Costume, Even Though They're Not.  They'll be in normal clothes, but when you ask why they didn't dress up, they'll say they DID. Then they'll claim they're dressed as something that doesn't REQUIRE a costume like a serial killer or a teacher. 



    #2.)  The Person with a Costume That Severely Restricts Them from Moving Around.  It might be something like a mermaid tail, so they can't walk right.  Or it might be a costume that's so huge and ridiculous, they can't fit through a doorway. Regardless, it means they'll be sitting or standing in the same spot all night.



    #3.)  The Person Who Obviously Hates Halloween.  If they're dressed up at all, it'll either be a cheap costume, or the same costume they wore last year.  And they'll probably be sitting in a corner looking miserable.



    #4.)  The Guy Dressed in Drag.  For whatever reason, some guys LOVE dressing as women on Halloween.  And they always act like it's the funniest costume anyone's ever seen.



    #5.)  The Person Who Handmade Every Single Thing They're Wearing.  They'll also be way too proud.  And at least once, you'll overhear them bragging about how much time they wasted on it.



    #6.)  The Person Who Approaches Halloween Like a Method Actor.  If they're dressed as, say, Marilyn Monroe, then they'll ACT like Marilyn Monroe ALL NIGHT . . . to the point where you won't even want to talk to them, because it's too annoying. 





  • The Top "Get It On" Songs Are...

    Posted by Nick Steele



    I think I can speak for all guys out there when I say that we all have that ONE song we use as a soundtrack to our love making sessions. It can range from dirty with a fast beat, to slow and romantic.

    A new survey was done to find out which songs get us in the "mood" and also which songs we like to hear DURING. Did your song make the list? If not, then add it in the comments! (BTW...my DURING is #8 on the MOOD list)



    -Here are the Top 10 songs that got the respondents "in the mood" for sex:

    1.)  "Sexual Healing",  Marvin Gaye

    2.)  "Let's Get It On",  Marvin Gaye

    3.)  Barry White . . . "Anything from his collection"

    4.)  "Je T'aime . . . Moi Non Plus" . . . which translates to "I Love You . . . Me Neither",  Serge Gainsbourg

    5.)  "Sex on Fire",  Kings of Leon

    6.)  "You Sexy Thing",  Hot Chocolate

    7.)  The orchestral song "Bolero",  by the French composer Maurice Ravel . . . (--This is the song that Bo Derek uses to seduce Dudley Moore in "10".)

    8.)  "I'll Make Love to You",  Boyz II Men

    9.)  "The Lady in Red",  Chris De Burgh

    10.)  "Bump N' Grind",  R. Kelly


     Some of the same songs made the list of Top 10 songs to play DURING the act . . . but this list is topped by the "Dirty Dancing"soundtrack.  Here's that list:


    1.)  The "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack

    2.)  "Sexual Healing",  Marvin Gaye

    3.)  "Bolero"Maurice Ravel

    4.)  "Take My Breath Away",  Berlin

    5.)  Barry White . . . "Anything from his collection"

    6.) "Let's Get It On",  Marvin Gaye

    7.)  "Unchained Melody",  The Righteous Brothers

    8.)  "My Heart Will Go On",  Celine Dion

    9.)  "Je T'aime . . . Moi Non Plus" . . . which translates to "I Love You . . . Me Neither",  Serge Gainsbourg 

    10.)  "I Will Always Love You",  Whitney Houston





  • The iPad Mini is Here!

    Posted by Nick Steele




    As a huge tech nerd I love to have the latest and greatest products, however, I don't really understand why Apple would come out with a smaller iPad. I am baffled that they would compete with themselves in a market that they are DOMINATING. 

    As they were announcing this new iPad, I was hoping that the price would be significantly lower than the iPad. That was the only way this new Mini was going to make any sense to me. Then they showed that it's only about $50 cheaper than a full size iPad. 

    Are you going to get the new iPad mini? Do you think Apple made a good decision to make a "middle" product for their iPad and iPhone? 

    Here is the first commercial for the iPad Mini:

  • He Wants To Be A Princess!

    Posted by Nick Steele



    There you are with your 9 year old son at the costume store when you find this really cool Darth Vader costume. You take it off the shelf and show your son and at the same time he turns around to show you the one he has picked out... a Princess? 

    As a parent what do you do in this situation? You probably don't want your son to dress up as a princess at school and to go trick or treating just because it's a little odd. He may get made fun of or not fully understand that people may not think the same things that he does. 

    The same goes for your daughter who wants to be a Zombie victim with their throat ripped out. It's not that there is something wrong with what they want to dress up as, it's just a little shocking and unexpected. 

    So that brings up the question, do you have rules for Halloween costumes for your kids? Would you prevent your son or daughter from dressing this way until a certain age that they can fully understand or do you not care because it's Halloween?