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  • Catwoman Plays Batman Theme!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    How could anyone resist a woman dressed up as Catwoman playing Danny Elfmans Batman theme on a piano? Surprisingly I had to remind myself that there was a woman dressed in tight black leather because I was blown away by her talent! 

    This is a video of leather-clad Catwoman Sonya Belousova performing Danny Elfman's Batman theme on the piano. 

  • My Next Hair Style!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    I don't know about you, but I think that this will be the next big thing in hair! It might even branch out into other vegetables and fruits! Who wouldn't want a Strawberry doo? Green on top and gold spots all over a red base! Do it now!

    If you couldn't tell... I'm being sarcastic. This is actually the dumbest thing I have ever seen and shame on who ever was ok to do this to themselves. 

    The style is called "Ripe Tomato" ("kanjuku tomato" or 完熟トマト). It was done by a stylist named "Hiro" at an Osaka salon called "Trick Store", which is located the city's hipster youth district, Amemura. 



  • The Great Gas Get-A-Way!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    By "great" I mean hilarious! If you are going to steal gas without paying, then you might want to coordinate with your driver a bit better. Here is video of a woman and her friend stealing gas from a station in Australia. The only problem happens when the driver attempts the get-a-way without making sure his friend is clear of the pumps long tube. 

    The cops are still looking for them, but she might have already received her punishment. 


  • Speaking Photo Ap Rocks!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Somewhere between the world of photos and the world of videos lies another unfamiliar one. How about a photo that speaks to you, literally. This cool app called SpeakingPhoto lets you take a picture with the app and then it records 30 seconds of audio after. So you can capture the scene with just sound. 

    You can also go in and record voice onto an already existing photo of yours. Here is the video highlighting it's features thanks to Mashable.com



  • Dance Dance Revolutionized!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Now I have seen some insane DDR videos before but this is just unimaginably incredible. Not only does this guy have insane foot work, but he also does it across BOTH foot controls. I wasn't even sure people still played Dance Dance Revolution. Apparently they can do this now. 

    Minus the guy who walks in front of the camera TWICE, this video is crazy! 


  • Sip On This 4/29

    Posted by Nick Steele

    The other guy went with a circular saw.  He chopped off his ENTIRE LOWER ARM and claimed it was a sawing accident.  He was only looking at a $775,000 settlement . . . but was also busted after an investigation.


    In Spain, TWO men were busted trying to get big insurance settlements . . . by SAWING OFF THEIR OWN HANDS.  The two cases were unconnected, but both guys had similar plans. 

    One guy used a CHAINSAW to chop off one of his hands.  He claimed he lost the hand in a car accident, and was looking at a $3.1 million settlement . . . until investigators found the cut was TOO CLEAN for a car crash and busted him. 

    The other guy went with a circular saw.  He chopped off his ENTIRE LOWER ARM and claimed it was a sawing accident.  He was only looking at a $775,000 settlement . . . but was also busted after an investigation. 




     Last week, 31-year-old William Daniel Lloyd of Gainesville, Florida grabbed his BB gun, and went out to hunt himself some SQUIRREL for dinner. 

    When he finally spotted a delicious squirrel, he fired.  But there was a problem.  His gun was broken, and couldn't hold the BB cartridge right.  So William had TAPED it in place.  That didn't work.  And the cartridge EXPLODED. 

    William took BB gun cartridge shrapnel to his arm and leg, and was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries.  The squirrel got away. 

    William was arrested for discharging a firearm in public and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon.  He's got a long criminal history that includes everything from grand theft to drug possession. 

    (Gainesville Sun / Gawker)

  • WANT! 55 Inch Curved TV

    Posted by Nick Steele


    Do you want to have the coolest looking TV among all your friends? Well, whom ever is the first to get this TV will be that person. Check out the beautiful 55 inch curved TV from LG. Check out this story from Mashable.com

    Two weeks after LG's announcements it will launch a curved OLED TV "later this year," the first such 55-inch device here, available for pre-order in South Korea.

    The 55EA9800, as it's called, brings what LG calls an "IMAX-like" experience of the home, with the entire screen surface being equidistant from the viewer's eyes. We haven't thoroughly tested a curved OLED screen yet, so we can't vouch that this entire curved screen business makes the viewing experience better, but it sure looks good, as you can see in the picture above.

    The TV is 4.3 millimeters (0.17 inches) thin, weighs 17 kilograms (37.48 pounds), and features LG's WRGB and Color Refiner technologies, which should result in great color and vibrant, 

  • Cop Saves the Day... Barely

    Posted by Nick Steele

    It almost looks like the cop knows what is about to happen. This man was trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of a moving train. Luckily the cop steps in at the last possible second to pull him off the track. The train just barely misses the guy and the cop escorts him off the platform. Hopefully the guy takes this opportunity to rethink some things in life. 



  • Meteor Lights Up Sky in Argentina!

    Posted by Nick Steele

    These videos are starting to freak me out. They are looking WAY to close for comfort and I think that I would need a change of underwear if I were actually there to see it. Check out a couple of different angles of this meteor that lit up the entire sky at night. 



  • Could You Afford to Be Iron Man 3?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    It seems like comic book heroes like Batman and Iron Man have an endless amount of money. Are we supposed to just assume they are Billionaires and not question if it's even possible to have that much money?

    Well this infographic produced by moneysupermarket.com breaks in down for us...

    Iron Man 3 Infographic

  • WATCH: Thor Dark World Trailer

    Posted by Nick Steele

    The newest Thor movie "Thor: The Dark World" finally has a trailer, even though the movie doesn't come out until November. We can still start to get excited right? So many comic book movies coming out this year! 



  • Are You In A Happy Couple?

    Posted by Nick Steele

    Do you have that couple you hang out with that seems to always be happy. You can't understand how they are doing it but you know you want that. Well according to a survey from Zoosk.com here are the 8 things that people in a happy relationship do. 

    2.  Have lots of sex:  Three out of five couples said they have sex at least twice a week . . . one in three have it at least four times a week . . . and 16% of couples do it EVERY DAY.  

    3.  Be affectionate when you're NOT having sex:  69% of happy couples kiss each other and show affection several times a day.

     4.  Be honest:  70% are always honest with each other . . . and don't even tell little white lies. 

    5.  Stay in shape:  Three in four couples say it's important to be in shape . . . and 18% say their partner's physical appearance is the thing they're most attracted to. 


    6.  Don't talk about politics:  37% of happy couples say they NEVER talk about politics . . . and another 47% rarely talk about it. 

    7.  Be the same religion:  71% of happy couples have the same religious beliefs. 

     8.  Communicate:  72% have in-depth conversations about work . . . life . . . and family on a regular basis.