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  • Kristen's Quickies!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    The gentle giant from the "Green Mile" has died. Michael Clarke Duncan passed away yesterday. He never fully recovered from a heart attack he had on July 13th. His girlfriend, “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault said that he died in his bed and that she is “devastated” saying “he was the love of my life.”


    The romance is not over Katy Perry and John Mayer. The two were spotted together on Saturday night at a music festival in Los Angeles. Fans saw the two exchange kisses and even posed for pictures.


    Russell Crowe had to be rescued by the Coast Guard after he went kayaking off Long Island over the weekend. He ran out of daylight and drifted 10 miles away from where he started. Ironic part is Crowe is in the area filming a movie about Noah's Ark.


    Nicolas Cage rented "A Star is Born" and "The King of Comedy" from an L.A. video store back in April and never returned them.  So the store went to its Facebook page and asked fans to help hunt him down.  The trick worked.  Cage returned the movies and paid the $244.48 fee.


    "The Dark Knight Rises" is now the most successful Batman movie of all time.  It has surpassed the $1 billion mark worldwide.  The movie still fell behind the Avengers, Titanic and Avatar.


    The Possession ruled at the box office this weekend making $21.3 million That is the second-best Labor Day weekend opening EVER. The only movie to make more opening over Labor Day is Rob Zombie's “Halloween” remake which make $30 million.


    Celebrities are talking and tweeting about the death of Michael Clarke Duncan. Jordin Sparks:  "RIP Michael Clarke Duncan.  Thank you for being so kind to me & for sharing your talent with the world.  You will be truly missed."--The Rock:  "I'll miss you my brother." --Mario Lopez:  "One of the nicest & most professional guys I've had the pleasure of knowing.  So sad…"

  • Women Need a Man With CASH!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    Ya know, we COULD look at this survey about women refusing to date guys without money and get angry.  But we won't.  Because it's actually weirdly refreshing to see this kind of honesty.  Even if it's materialistic, depressing honesty.


    In a new survey, 79% of single women say they'd have a SERIOUS PROBLEM dating a man who makes less money than they do.


    59% say they'd have a problem dating someone who didn't have their same level of education.


    And a lot of them would end things even if everything else about the guy seemed GREAT.  24% of women said they'd probably stop dating a guy immediately if they found out he made less money.  9% would DEFINITELY stop dating him right away.


    Men are much less concerned about what a woman makes.  68% of men said they don't care how much money a woman makes and only 47% said they care about dating a woman who had their same level of education.


  • WATCH: What's in my Purse?

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    Nick is AMAZED at all the things I keep in my purse and made me empty it on camera. Hey! I need all of that! 

  • Kristen's Quickies!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers


    After eleven years on American Idol Randy Jackson is officially leaving the judge's table but he will remain on the show as a “mentor”. Sources say that the Nicki Minaj deal is 99% done and that producers are hoping for some sparks between Minaj and Mariah Carey who has made it very clear she does not like Minaj as a choice.


    Sylvester Stallone's son...Sage Stallone died from a heart attack and no drugs were found in his system. He suffered from heart disease when he passed away on July 13th.


    LeAnn Rimes is apparently not in rehab! She is being treated for stress and anxiety at a facility but it's not considered a rehab and she is set to be back home this weekend. LeAnn has been in meltdown mode after she has been a target on Twitter over her relationship with Eddie Cibrian.


    Jersey Shore is being canceled! MTV has announced that the upcoming sixth season will be it's last. The season has already been filmed and will premiere on October 4th.


    Adele says she is not married even though a source has come forward and said that they were present at the wedding saying, “Adele was dressed in a classic attire and Simon looked very smart and joyous.”


    Simon Cowell is a hero! He came to the rescue of some people on a sinking boat while vacationing in St. Tropez. He was on his yacht when he heard a distress call. He brought the nine people aboard and even helped patch up the other boat and pump water from it.


    Toddlers and Tiaras” contestant Destiny is causing a stir after appearing at her competition dressed at Sandy from “Grease” complete with a fake cigarette. The judges were shocked and deducted points from her score but then went on to award her with the title of “Personality Supreme.”


    Something everyone is talking about this morning is the strange performance given my Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention. The 82-year old star talked to an imaginary Barack Obama and when someone yelled out “make my day!” the actor said, “I don't say that word anymore.”

  • What Challenges do Parents Face?

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    We've got the results from a survey on the top 50 challenges parents face.  Ya know, 50 of the EIGHT BILLION.  Here's the top 10 . . .


    #1.)  Sleepless nights.

    #2.)  Tantrums.


    #3.)  Having patience.


    #4.)  Keeping on top of the household chores.


    #5.)  Getting kids to eat the right foods.


    #6.)  Potty training.


    #7.)  Sibling rivalry.


    #8.)  Juggling childcare.


    #9.)  Giving your child what they want without spoiling them.


    #10.)  Getting kids to clean their teeth property.



    Some of the other highlights of the list are handling your child's first day at school . . . other competitive parents . . . monitoring what your kids see online . . . having the sex talk . . . and knowing how to react when your kid drops their first F-bomb.

  • Kristen's Quickies!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    The romance is over for Katy Perry for John Mayer but it's now coming out that he might have dumped her by email. Her friends say she was “furious” and “hurt”.


    There are rumors that Demi Moore has signed a $2 million dollar book deal to write a “tell-all” about Ashton Kutcher. She is also expected to talk about her marriage to Bruce Willis and about growing up in a troubled household.


    FX has ordered 90 more episodes of Charlie Sheen's sitcom “Anger Management”. Sheen is expected to make more than $100 million. Charlie is thrilled about this and says this gives him less time to “get in trouble”.


    Adele might already be married! The singer was spotted out in London looking very pregnant and also with a ring on her finger. She was engaged to her boyfriend Simon but no wedding date was set.


    Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay might be falling in love in real life. 90210 actors Luke Perry and Jennie Garth are said to be dating. Jennie says that her former co-star has been very supportive to her after her husband Peter Facinelli divorced her earlier this year.


    The war between Kim Kardashian and Old Navy is over. The reality star sued the company saying that they used a woman that looked like her in their advertising. Old Navy agreed to pay Kim an undisclosed amount of money.


    Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will be the first host in the 38th season of Saturday Night Live. His episode is set for Sept 15th. This will be his first time hosting the show. 

  • Who Says Romance is Dead!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    If you try to make a grand romantic gesture, and almost die in the process, does that make it more romantic? Or less romantic?  For this guy's sake, let's say MORE.


    This month, in Chongqing in southern China, a man named Hu Seng decided to surprise his girlfriend by having his friend seal him in a CARDBOARD BOX, then had him delivered to her place by a courier.


    There was only one problem.  He didn't poke holes in the box for air, because he was afraid they'd ruin the surprise.


    The courier service didn't realize there was a man in the box, and it took them three hours to deliver him, instead of the 30 minutes Hu expected.  So by the time Hu's girlfriend opened it, he'd PASSED OUT.


    But paramedics came and were able to revive him.

  • I Will Drink to That!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    Flavored vodka is all the rage right now but would you drink a bacon-flavored one? What about a waffle-flavored one? Sounds delicious! I will drink to that! Check out these other random flavors.

    This is a more grown up way to enjoy a PB&J!




     Who doesn't love cake! 


    Not sure if the taste of waffles is what I want out of my cocktail but I am willing to try!


     Yum! Grass-flavored Vodka!


    Who needs to go to the fair when you have cotton candy flavored vodka!



    Not sure if this is the best way to get your veggies!



    Now you're talking! A breakfast treat in a bottle!



    I will keep my lavender to my lotions! 

  • WATCH: Dog Flags Down Ice Cream Man

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    The summer is almost over and what better way to celebrate than a delicious ice cream cone! I feel ya dog...I feel ya...This is the same reaction Nick from the Mix Morning Show has too. 


  • Kristen's Quickies!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers


    Jimmy Kimmel does NOT like Jay Leno and he confirms it in an interview in New York. He says that when he humiliated the The Tonight Show host on his own show in 2010 was the “proudest moment of his life.” He also says that they have not spoken since. Check out the show clip!




    Slash says that when he was just eight years old he met another huge rock star but the problem was...that star was in bed with his mom. That was David Bowie. His mother was his costume designer and when she got a divorce from Slash's dad she dated the star.



    Jennifer Aniston says that she is not going to make Justin Theroux sign a prenup. Apparently she believes in their love and trusts him. Jen is worth $120 million and Justin is worth only $10.5 million.



    Robert Pattinson is selling the Los Feliz house that she shared with Kristen Stewart. This is going forward as plans to make a twilight spin off television show is in the works...but the two stars are not expected to play Edward and Bella again.



    Careless Smoking” is what is being blamed for the fire at Tyler Perry's studios in Atlanta. The fire broke out on a roof that was going through renovations.



    A remake of the old television show “Fame” is coming back to the small screen. “So You Think You Can Dance” judge Nigel Lythgoe is developing the new version and says that the show will be like the original and show the “heartache and pain endured in the search for stardom.”



    Justin Bieber will be a mentor on an episode of “X-Factor” this season. He will assist L.A. Reid who's working with the contestants 25 and older.



    Here is the first picture of Snooki's son. She is seen holding him while being pushed in a wheelchair.

  • Sick of Spending Money on These Items?

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    We've got the results of a new poll about things we hate spending money on, and one thing is clear.  We hate spending money on weddings, we hate spending money on bills . . . but we REALLY hate spending money on our SIGNIFICANT OTHERS.



    The NUMBER ONE thing people hate spending on is . . . buying things for their husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends.  Here's the full top 10:



    #1.)  Buying things for our significant others.

    #2.)  Your own wedding costs.

    #3.)  Buying wedding presents for other people.

    #4.)  BIRTH CONTROL.  Although it's a lot cheaper than the alternative.

    #5.)  Retirement contributions.

    #6.)  Bachelor or bachelorette parties.

    #7.)  Utility bills.

    #8.)  Work clothes.

    #9.)  Car insurance.

    #10.)  The dentist.



    Things that finished just outside the top 10 are throwing in for a coworker's birthday present or card, grocery bags, gas, and tolls. 


  • Get Ready to Buy Your Kid a New Phone!

    Posted by Kristen Flowers

    According to a new survey by a technology company called Asurion, your kids don't know how to take care of their cell phone.      


    The average parent said they have to replace their kid's cell phone more than once a year . . . for EACH of their kids.  They estimate that a replacement phone will cost $200 . . . but it's closer to $600.


    In the same survey, the kids didn't think they broke their phones quite as often as their parents said they did . . . but 48% of high school and college students admit that they've lost or broken their phone within the last two years.


    27% of the phone accidents took place at school . . . 24% at home . . . 15% were outside . . . and 14% were at a friend's house.


    35% of the phones were broken while running or doing physical activity . . . 18% of the kids were near water when the accident occurred . . . 18% were cleaning . . . and 17% were playing a sport.