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  • A New Rule in Cell Phone Etiquette

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Finally an answer to the question, to send a text or leave a voicemail?

    When's the last time you left a friend a voicemail?  If you can't remember, don't worry . . . it means you're POLITE.

    --According to an article in the "New York Times", the new rule of cell phone etiquette in this day and age is . . . only leave a voicemail if it's a LIFE-OR-DEATH EMERGENCY.

    --Otherwise, hang up and send a text summarizing what you were going to say.

    --The theory here is that leaving a voicemail is a BURDEN on the other person.  They have to actually go to the trouble of pressing the button and listening to it.  And there's nothing you'd say in a voicemail you can't say in a text.

  • Ladies, Do You Ever Wake Up In A Bad Mood? Here's Why...

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Ladies, we're not saying you should use this as an EXCUSE to be HOSTILE and MISERABLE in the morning.  But you could.

     --A new study out of Duke University has scientifically proven that WOMEN are more ANGRY, HOSTILE, and GRUMPY in the morning than MEN.

     --And there's actually a good reason:  Women's bodies need more sleep than men's . . . approximately 20 minutes more.

     --The study found that when women don't get enough sleep, it increases their risk of heart disease, stroke, and depression.  Men's health is NOT affected in the same way.

     --So when women are angrier in the morning, it's actually because their bodies are in more PAIN than men's from lack of sleep.

  • Before and After Pics of Adult Film Stars Without Makeup! WOW!!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Adult Film Stars are not what they seem.  Main reason why is because when people see them they have like...10 pounds of makeup on.  A very popular Adult Film Makeup Artist made this slideshow.  Click the link and scroll down below the first video player that pops up and you can see the slide show of ADULT FILM STARS Without and then WITH Makeup on.  Pretty shocking!

  • Bradley Coopers New Girl!! Probably.

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Although unofficial, it's pretty reliable this is Bradley Coopers new woman! They've been seen together a lot lately and don't give off the "Just Friends" vibe. Her name is Suki Waterhouse and she's a 20 Year old British Fashion Model. So she's not even legal to go into a bar the U.S. anyway.

    Suki Waterhouse - Rimmel Hosts Party For Original London Girl Kate Moss

  • 5 Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    One of the mosre insightful articles I have found on this subject that seems to make sense.  Most of us have a sense for this stuff already, but there is nothing wrong with a reminder....

    By Carol Allen (

    Sometimes finding a relationship you know will last forever feels impossible. When you’re struggling in love or have had your heart broken, it can be inspiring to turn to Vedic Astrology for help. We’ve all heard about Vedic Astrology helping to reveal compatibility — but what else makes a successful relationship? Learn the five critical mistakes that may be keeping you from a greater love life…

    Mistake #1: You Jump To Conclusions

    While compatibility is revealed in Vedic Astrology and is very important, it’s simply not enough. Why? Because you can be wildly compatible with a man who isn’t a nice man. He may be an addict, an abuser or have commitment issues and will never meet your expectations. At the same time, if you’re not compatible, then nothing else will matter.

    The Warning Sign:  If you don’t feel good around him, if you can’t talk and have him understand what you’re saying, if you don’t have a foundation of friendship and healthy mutual attraction — you won’t be happy no matter how much everything else is working and no matter how great of a guy he is. If you feel like you’re working too hard on your relationship, chances are you’re not compatible.

    Mistake #2: You Don’t Read The Material

    You must find a man that’s “relationship material.” He must want a relationship, know how to have one and be available. Relationship-oriented men are obvious: They’re usually in relationships! They like women. They have friends. They get along with their families and people at work. Besides, you can find out if he’s relationship-oriented or not by looking at his Vedic chart.

    “Vedic astrology can reveal when you’re in a ‘season of love’ and when you’re not. And when you’re not, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, or who you meet.”

    The Warning Sign:  Men who are not relationship-oriented are not close with their families – or they’re way too close to their families. They whine about or have drama with friends, they dislike everybody at work or they spend most of their time alone. You cannot turn a man who is not good at relationships, or healthy enough emotionally, into a man who is.

    Mistake #3: You Rush Into Things

    Vedic Astrology can reveal when you’re in a “season of love” and when you’re not. And when you’re not, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, or who you meet. You could hire the best matchmaker in the world, and be on every Internet dating site, and you won’t find “him.” Just as flowers can’t grow when the ground is frozen, but effortlessly do so when the snow melts, there’s nothing you have to do once the conditions are right. He’ll find you, and you’ll find him.

    The Warning Sign:  It’s important to wait until it is time. Focus on having the best life possible in the meantime, so you’ll be as attractive and ready for a great man when the right time comes. Studies show 50% of men getting married report they could have just as easily married someone else from their past and been just as happy, but that the timing wasn’t right. And that part of the reason they’re marrying the woman they’re marrying, is that the timing just feels right — now.

    Mistake #4: You Settle For Less

    You have to want the same kind of life. One of the biggest reasons couples break up is when one person wants children and the other doesn’t. Or, one wants to live in the city and the other one wants the country. You have to be the kind of person he’s looking for, and he has to be the kind of person you’re looking for.

    The Warning Sign:  You’re not going to turn a quiet chess player into a party animal. Or a man who hates snow into one who wants to go skiing every weekend. Or a man who doesn’t care about material things, and isn’t very ambitious, into one who wants to build an empire for you. If you find yourself wanting to change the person he is now, first get clear on the kind of life you want and the kind of guy you’ll need to have that life. Then, go find him — and resist all others.

    Mistake #5: You Don’t Develop The Skills

    Often, two good people get together and are happy for a while, but then one of them starts to harm or neglect the relationship. Even healthy, smart and attractive people sometimes don’t know how to relate. They try to find the reason for miserable love lives, “blaming the stars” for the latest breakup, or lack of closeness with their partner – when usually they don’t understand how to communicate, or ask for what they want.

    The Warning Sign:  Once they learned those crucial aspects, their relationships improve, and they are able to get back that spark. So, if you’ve lost your spark with the one you love, or if he used to seem like your dream man but now you’re not so sure, or if he’s withdrawn from you and is not as enthusiastic as you’d like, then your relationship skills need an upgrade. You have the power to improve your love life.

    So keep these mistakes (and their warning signs) in mind and you’ll avoid a lot of heartache and pain… And to find out what’s going on with YOUR love timing, check out a thirty-year report I’ve created called, “Cycles of Saturn – Charting The Ups and Downs of Your Life and How to Make the Most of Them.”

    This personalized report (just for you!) tells you when your ground is frozen – when you’re in a “love-blocking” time and you’ll likely not meet anyone, or anyone who’ll “stick”- and when you’re NOT.

  • Four Mistakes You Might Be Making On LinkedIn

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    About 200 MILLION people use LinkedIn, the online resume site.  And almost half of them are American.  So having a LinkedIn page is definitely worth it when you're looking for a job.

    --But just uploading your resume isn't enough anymore.  Check out this list from "Forbes" magazine of four mistakes you might be making with your LinkedIn profile. 

    1.)  Not Using a Picture.  According to one expert, you're seven times more likely to have your page viewed if you have a profile picture.

    --But you shouldn't get as creative as people do with their profile pictures on Facebook.  Meaning, don't use a picture of your kids, or one where you're with a big group of friends.

    --Just keep it simple and go with a close-up of your face.  And also make sure it's a RECENT photo.

    2.)  Not Adding a "Summary".  When you edit your profile, it's near the top of the page.  And it's where you're supposed to describe the kind of job you're looking for.

    --Once upon a time, you used to have to include an "objective" at the top of your resume, which most people don't do anymore.  But it's still something you SHOULD do on your LinkedIn page.

    3.)  Not Listing Your Full Work Experience.  Since it's online, you don't have to worry about fitting everything on one page.  So it's okay to list all of your past jobs, along with things like volunteer work.

    (--Obviously you don't have to though.  Just make sure it's relevant.  And you can probably leave out the part about how you stripped your way through college.)  

    4.)  Setting Up Your LinkedIn Page, Then Never Updating It.  You probably update it with things like promotions or new contacts.  But people who use LinkedIn EFFECTIVELY are the ones who stay active on it.

    Meaning, they post work-related messages, they join groups, and they make new connections with people who might be able to help them down the line.

  • Are you the PERFECT mom?

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    According to a new survey of 1,000 kids, 100%of moms are perfect. 

     That's right EVERY SINGLE kid thought that their mom was perfect.  They also thought their moms knew fashion better than Victoria Beckham and could run the country better than current leaders . . . and are smarter than Albert Einstein.    

    Here are the top five reasons why kids think their mom is perfect: 

     1.)  She's great at kissing and cuddling.  

     2.)  She makes you feel better when you're sick.  

     3.)  She can make you laugh.  

     4.)  She can bake.

     5.)  She tells good stories.

  • Justin Timberlake on SNL

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE responded to KANYE WEST'S "Suit & Tie" criticism while performing on "SNL" this weekend.  He changed the lyrics from, quote, "Aww, [S-word] so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit" . . . to, quote, "My hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic."

  • The True Reasons Why Women Date Older Men

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    If I asked you, "Why do women date older men?" your response would PROBABLY be, "Money", right?

    --According to a new survey of women who've dated men at least 10 years older, yeah, money IS the top reason. But it's not the only reason.

    --35% of the women said financial security is their top reason.

    --31% say they're just MORE ATTRACTED to older men.

    --21% feel older men are more MATURE than men their own age.

    My take:  Other than reason #1 which is very golddigger-esque....the other reasons make perfect sense.


  • Video of Justin Bieber Trying to FIGHT a Paparazzi!!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Justin Bieber Let The Paparazzi get to him and violently threatened one!  My take on this is that he knew his bodyguards would stop him so it was an open invitation to act like a tough guy.  Pretty sure my nephew could win against the Biebs in a fight.  To watch the video click the link below.



  • 20 Old-Fashioned Baby Names That Are Back in Style

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    The era of Logans, Madisons, Aidens, Jaydens, Braydens, and Kaydens is finally coming to an end. We hope. "Parenting"magazine has been analyzing baby naming trends, and found that OLD-FASHIONED NAMES are making a BIG comeback.

    --These are the 10 retro girl's and boy's names that have had huge jumps in popularity in the past decade. Check 'em out . . .


    #10.) Naomi, up 89 spots since 2000.

    #9.) Lillian and Lily, up 108 spots.

    #8.) Amelia, up 166 spots.

    #7.) Clara, up 187 spots.

    #6.) Alice, up 250 spots.

    #5.) Nora, up 342 spots.

    #4.) Olive, up 442 spots.

    #3.) Adeline, up 483 spots.

    #2.) Stella, up 571 spots.

    #1.) Hazel, up 631 spots.


    #10.) Henry, up 59 spots.

    #9.) Max, up 66 spots.

    #8.) Owen, up 98 spots.

    #7.) Eli, up 170 spots.

    #6.) Leo, up 187 spots.

    #5.) Charlie, up 205 spots.

    #4.) Oliver, up 217 spots.

    #3.) Everett, up 298 spots.

    #2.) Jasper, up 306 spots.

    #1.) Silas, up 380 spots.