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  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Friday March 29th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    The 25-year-old son of legendary wrestler Ric Flair is dead.  Flair's agent tells TMZ, "We are heartbroken to confirm that Ric's son, Reid Fliehr, has passed away today""The investigation into the cause of death is ongoing."…So at this point the cause is uncertain, but Reid had issues with heroin in the past, and was arrested in 2009 for possession…not that any of that is pertinent to the death, but it’s a sad thing regardless.


    "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter wants NOTHING to do with her mother ... and won't even sit in the same room with her.  Ariel's guardianship case was back in court, and mama Chrystal Workman complained ... her daughter refuses to do therapy with her mom.  Chrystal wanted the judge to force Ariel into therapy with her mom, but the judge nixed the request as he can’t force Ariel to have a relationship with her mother legally.  She is under the Gaurdianship of her sister Shanelle at this point.  So I’m guessing it won’t be happy family Easter weekend for them…at least not all together.


     Jim Carrey is writing a book that will deal with "serious things in a very funny way."  I thought that was Joe Biden's job.


    And in a recent interview Kirsten Dunst called kissing Brad Pitt, quote, "disgusting."  "I agree!" exclaimed Jennifer Aniston while watching the interview at home.

  • Candid Sexy Photos of Famous People...And What the Heck Happened to Jenna Jameson?

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Remember when Jenna Jameson was hot?  Why do stars think that plastic surgery makes you look better?  It really doesn't...

    No need for any work there

    Content: Britney, who has recently found love again with her 'everyday Dave', seemed to be on top form during her sunny day in MalibuToned: The pop star held her tiny waist as she showed off her belly button piercingBritney Spears isn't looking half bad for carrying out a bucket of chicken the other day

    Remember when Amanda Bynes was an innocent child star on Nickelodeon?

    Christian Bale not looking his usual handsome self from Batman

     Vanessa Hudgens seems to be workin' it

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday March 27th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Follow up on the Justin Bieber incident yesterday.  If you didn’t hear, he got a new ferarri and started speeding up and down the street he lives on and making a ton of noise, neighbor confronts him, they argue, get in a fight and the Biebs allegedly SPIT ON his neighbor and threatened to kill him as well.  It resulted in Bieber facing possible battery charges.  So Today Justin said to the media the neighbor is lying and its all false…..well lets see here Justin, a few weeks ago I posted a blog video of you charging at a paparazzi and threatening to kill him, a few months ago a lady who asked for your autograph in a gym said you and your friends mocked her and you spit on her water bottle which she sold on ebay……I guess we need a little more to go off of here than your word.


    John holmes the Colorado Movie Theatre shooter, who killed 12, injured 58 and faces 116 counts of attempted murder is striking a plea deal to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty and live out the rest of his days in prison……that sucks, in my opinion, but I’m not going into all that.


    And did you hear the latest out of Playboys own Hugh Hefner.....Hef says he's slept with over a thousand women.  Although at 86 years old, when Hef says he's sleeping with women, he's…ya know….literally sleeping.

  • You Can Change a Guy Who's a 'Bad Boy' But Stay Away From Mama's Boys

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    According to relationship experts who were surveyed by, women CAN change a man.


     96% of the experts say that great husbands are made, not born. That goes against everything I have ever heard.


    Women looking for a long-term relationship should go against what their mama's told them and date a guy who's a 'bad boy.' 85% of experts say it's possible for a women to reform these bad boys and make it work.


    Single dads are another good choice: three out of five experts say that guys with kids would be excellent long-term relationship material.


    55% of experts say that guys over 40 that haven’t been married are worth the risk. This doesn't mean that he's got commitment problems or other issues just because he's older.


    However, 88% warn women to stay as far away as possible from 'mama's boys.'


    89% say not to waste time with guys who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex. Don't these guys classify as 'bad boys'? I guess these experts aren't referring to the hardcore bad boys, just the speeding ticket, tattooed, bad boys.

  • How To Eat PEEPS

    Posted by Tommy Fox

     With Easter just around the corner, the sugary marshmallow goodness, Peeps, have blessed the shelves of most stores.


    Did you know that two-thirds of people will follow their tradition and bite the heads off of these scrumptious rabbits?


    According to a new survey by the makers of Peeps, 65% of people say they eat Peeps by biting off the head first. 13% of people eat the fluffy tail first while 16% take small nibbles all over the body.


    The survey also found that half of people will eat only one or two Peeps on Easter. However, 8% will indulge and eat between six and ten.


    Also since we are talking statistics here, they also asked people the old question of "Which came first the chicken or the egg?"


    72% claimed the chicken came first. WRONG- Science has proven it's the egg that came first.

    Learning something new every day. Happy Easter!




  • Romantic Scavenger Hunt Turns into a Massive Bomb Scare

    Posted by Tommy Fox


    This past Saturday, a guy in St. George, Utah set up a romantic scavenger hunt for his girlfriend. If she would have followed all of the clues, she would have found a box near their Mormon temple that had candy and a note asking her to a dance.

    She never got to fine her treasure, though. The bomb squad found it first.

    This is because around 5:30 P.M. that day, someone saw the box that had the word "Army" written on it, in a gazebo right by the St. George Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints temple. Thinking it was suspicious, the police were called.

    Eventually, the bomb squad shut down all the streets nearby and started investigating. However, before they could send in the bomb-sniffling robot to destroy the box, the guy ran up and told them it was part of the scavenger hunt he'd set up for his girlfriend.

    After some convincing, the police opened the box to fine the candy and note, and called off the investigation.

    Well if this couple ends up getting married they are going to have one great story to tell their kids.

  • Lindsay Lohan Finally Goes To Jail

    Posted by Tommy Fox


    Everyone has been saying it all along; Lindsay Lohan can't dodge jail forever. This prophecy came true yesterday during one of Lindsay's scene for the show "Anger Management."


    Just like in real life, Lindsay, who plays herself on the show, didn't do the jail scene as a prisoner. Her character was at the penitentiary doing community service and because of that still got out of wearing an orange jumpsuit.


    Lindsay has been reported as a "dream to work with" too. She has been nailing all of her lines and being super nice to everyone on the set. She even posed for pictures with other cast members, including Darius McCrary, (aka Eddie Winslow from "Family Matters") who plays a prisoner.


    Along with her jail scenes she also has a bed scene with Charlie Sheen. Apparently she likes to be around the bad boys. They probably make her feel better about herself.

  • Surveillance Catches Everything!!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So the owners of this pool always came home to find puddles by their pool.  They thought the kids next door would wait until they are gone and use the pool.  Not the case at all.  They installed surveillance cameras and found out the truth.

  • Be Careful When You Zip Up

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    If you've seen There's Something About Mary and you're a man, then you are haunted by one particular scene involving Ben Stiller, a pair of corduroy's and a zipping mishap.

    Every single day, every man out there is taking their life in their hands . . . when they zip up a zipper that's so DANGEROUSLY and MALICIOUSLY close to their junk.

    Listen up guys:  We've got the results of a new study that shows just how DANGEROUS zippers are for your package.

    Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that precisely 17,616 people had to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM between 2002 and 2010, because their genitalia got in a battle with their zipper . . . and lost.

    That's about 2,000 E.R. visits every year.  Almost ALL of those were men, and in almost every case, quote, "The penis was the only genital organ involved."

    Not surprisingly, that means that for adults, zippers are the number one cause of penile injuries.

  • Wild Conspiracy Theories and Mystical Beliefs...Do You Believe Any of These?

    Posted by Tommy Fox


    Wild conspiracy theories and mystical beliefs are always entertaining to hear about from time to time. It's also fun to see people's latest feelings about them.

    Here are the results for a new survey on aliens, fairies, and conspiracy theories...

    -64% of adults believe there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe.

    -19% take it just a little bit further... they believe aliens have visited Earth in UFOs.

    -13% believe the moon landings were staged, and man has never been to the moon.

    -6% believe in fairies.

    and finally, 5% believe Elvis faked his death and may still be alive.

    For all the people that do believe in aliens, fairies and these conspiracy theories, you may be able to laugh in our faces one day if any of these turn out to be true.


  • Study Says Parenting is Only a Part-Time Job

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Here is a study that is going to fill every parent with rage. The results of a new study say that being a parents really isn't a full-time job, but a part time job.


    The study found that average parents spend 28 hour and nine minutes per week taking care of their kids and family.

    Here is the breakdown

    8 hours and 36 minutes goes towards entertaining the children

    4 hours and 48 minutes for making meals

    3 hours and 38 minutes is for doing chores


    It also takes less than two hours for each of these tasks: Making beds, washing up, driving the kids to school and activities, helping with work, running errands, and taking care of pets.


    What parents is buying this? NONE! 92% of parents surveyed said that having kids is DEFIANTLY a full-time job.

    These scientists probably don’t have any children and because of that have way too much time on their hands.

    They aren't worried about changing diapers or rocking their children to sleep.