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  • Results From A New National Sex Survey

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Midwesterners are the Randiest, Texans Have the Largest Junk, and More From a Nationwide Sex Survey

    A dating website called just finished up a nationwide sex survey.  Here are the six highlights . . .

    1.  People in the Midwest are the RANDIEST in the country.  53.5% say they have exceptionally high sex drives... What does "randiest" mean????

    2.  People in the Southwest say they've got the MOST SKILLS in bed . . . especially the women. 

    3.  People in the Northeast have the most sex. 

    4.  Men in Texas are the most satisfied with the size of their junk.  Unfortunately, the survey didn't say which state's men are the LEAST satisfied with their junk... For some reason this makes sense to why they didn't!!!!

    5.  16% of people in the U.S. have sex at least once a week.

    6.  The most popular day for sex nationwide is Saturday.  The only place that's different is the South, where Monday is the most popular day

  • Popular Classic Movies that Roger Ebert Gave BAD Reviews

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    ROGER EBERT was probably the most respected movie critic EVER.  But there were plenty of movies he gave bad reviews that were widely considered CLASSICS.  The list includes the following:



    --"A Clockwork Orange" ....He thought this one was "A Right Wing Fantasy"


    --"Donnie Darko" .....He didn't like how Jakes demeanor in this movie was.


    --"Dead Poets Society" ...He thought it was overdramatic


    --"Fight Club" ....He called it "Macho Man Porn" and a movie for "Testosterone junkies"


    --"Full Metal Jacket" ....He thought there were brilliant moments and TERRIBLE moments


    --"Harold and Maude" ....


    --"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".....He thought it could have been way better


    --"Reservoir Dogs" .....He thought this was the first film from a very very talented director and that Quentin should move on and make a better movie, but that it was an excercise in "Style"

  • The Seven Worst Break-Up Lines...Are You Guilty of Using Any of Them?

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    This one isn’t a national survey, but instead the resulting opinion from well known columnists that are “Experts” in relationships and dating.  Supposedly these are the 7 worst break-up reasons to give or get.  Number seven throws me off, but then again, it would be one of the worst ones you could use……The reasons themselves are from the article.  The statements after them are my opinion.


    #1.)  "It's not you . . . It's me."…..which is hands down the worst one, and the default response to that should always be, “Cool, I don’t even want to go out with you anymore because you were cheesy and lame enough to use that line on me!”


    #2.)  "I'm moving . . . so we should break up." ….That one actually makes perfect sense and would save people a lot of drama if they went with that right away.


    #3.)  "This was incredible . . . but I'm not ready for a relationship yet."..Translation:  “I like you but I want to sleep with other people too and I don’t want to get involved with families and gifts on holidays and birthdays”


    #4.)  "I'm not attracted to you anymore." ….Fair Nuff.


    #5.)  "I need my own space."….”Ah, great, your gonna use the lame ‘Need My
    Own Space Line on Me, thanks’…if you get that one, you don’t even want to tell your best friend because of how embarrassing it is.


    #6.)  "I can't see you anymore, because I think your sister is hotter."  ….Yeah right!  How is that #6??  I want to watch someone use that one?  Seriously.


    #7.)  "I can't do this anymore."   ….Translation:  I’ve seen too many overly-dramatic movies and you suck to go out with. 



    Article from Female First

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday April 4th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    You may have hear this already, Roger Ebert Dies today after a long battle with cancer.  The pioneer of criticizing films.  He and Siskel originated the classic thumbs up, thumbs down rating system.  He’s a legend in Hollywood, has a star on the walk of fame to prove it.  He was diagnosed with thyroid and salivary cancer on ’02, and four years later had part of his lower jaw removed.  He continued WRITING movie reviews after that until pretty much now.  Thoughts out to the family.


    Amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorious got back to doing what he loves best a few days ago which is running track on a sunny day.  Meanwhile his girlfriend who he shot to death is still dead, even though he admitted to shooting her, the judge still let him out on bail.  So he’s been roaming around free like all the non-murdering people.  He says he won’t be doing any races, but his family and friends said he should to help himself with the trauma.  …..Who cares about his trauma….he killed his girlfriend.


    It’s also official that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Leno next spring.  It was originally going to be the fall, but I’m sure Jay wants to retire and chill, and I imagine Fallon wants to get things rockin with the new tonight show.


    Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner says she just wants a normal life away from the spotlight.  Then she posed for 10 magazine covers, shot another episode of her reality show, walked a runway, released a clothing line, published a novel and debuted a new perfume.


    Kate Gosselin is going to sue people who've attacked, threatened and bullied her online.  If you want to learn more about this lawsuit, just Google "Kate Gosselin vs. Everyone in America".

  • Justin Bieber Gets Suave with a Model

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Justin Bieber practiced his best pickup line on model Jourdan Dunn before Victoria's Secret Fashion show in November.  Jourdan Dunn says that the Biebs told her that she has nice boobs.  I mean, it doesn't get much smoother than that.  Here are some pics of the model Justin was trying to impress.

  • New Survey Uncovers What Annoys People The Most Regarding Facebook Posts

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Getting annoyed by public displays of affection is for OLD PEOPLE.  Now people are annoyed by VIRTUAL displays of affection.  Well, actually no one is except people in one survey, but let's just go with it.

    --A new survey asked people if they're annoyed by virtual displays of affection . . . like couples posting romantic messages on each other's Facebook walls.  And about one in four people say . . . yeah, 'VDAs' are annoying.

    --58% of people say they don't like when people post about breakups online, and 33% don't like seeing couples referring to each other by their pet names online.

    --And only 10% of people say they don't like it when people use a couples photo as their main profile picture.


    The Tommy Fox Opinion:  I agree with the 58% regarding airing breakups and other dirty laundry.  It's just trashy behavior.  Go be Honney Boo Boo's Neighbor....However, the pet name thing on each others walls.....nothing wrong with it at all.  The people it annoys have two 3 choices:

    1)  Understand the words "To Each Their Own"

    2)  Hide their statuses so you can't see them

    3)  Unfriend them

    ....I mean....who cares if people are showing Love to each other in their own way!?  Pricks.

  • Meet Eric Ducharme. He's a Merman.

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    TLC has struck gold once again on its tv show "My Crazy Obsession."  This episodes winner is Eric Ducharme and he's obsessed with being a Merman.  I know the obsession started for me in 1989 when I first saw The Little Mermaid.  That Ariel shouldn't have to change for any man.  Here are some pics of Eric being the sexiest fish he can be along with his wardrobe of fins that he can color coordinate with any setting of water.

  • Fight between Paparazzi and A Waiter broken up by the Movie Star!!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So Leiv Schreiber, who you have seen in many movies like X-Men, Salt, he played Cotton Weary in Scream....anyway he was being bombarded by Paparazzi exiting a restaurant, and one of the waiters tried to fend off the photogs.  One of the female paparazzi swung her camera at the waiter, and it started a big fight.  The waiter kept telling the female photog that he would EAT HER!!  Just an odd thing to say to someone....Leiv then jumped in and broke it up before it escalated further.  Witness it all on the video below.