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  • Kesha's Looking Better Than Usual!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Not that she looked terrible before, but I don't ever remember Kesha looking this good...even when she WAS all dolled up in previous photos.


  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday April 11th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So the White House had to come to an odd defense this morning.  Press Secretary Jay Carney said that, “The only reason Jay-Z implicated Obama in his new song is because it's hard to find something that rhymes with treasury”….and of course that Obama did not rap with Jay Z for that part of the song.  LOL!!  Seriously, who out there, honestly thinks….that Obama is hopping over to recording studios to lay down a quick track with JAY Z!?

    So the 2013 Masters is underway!  And Tigers new girlfriend Lindsay Vonn was walking along to support him today.  However, everyone else probably cares a lot more than woodsy, because he has won 3 of his last 5 events, is back to number 1 in the world, and is obviously over it with the past few years of criticism and simply put…No Longer Cares.  What he does care about though…Charlie Sheen says best.

    Shakira is being sued by a former boyfriend for $100 million.  And to make sure the truth comes out . . . the ex-boyfriend's lawyer is going to get testimony from Shakira's hips….HAHAHA!! 

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday April 10th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Ryan Seacrest is the latest celebrity swatting victim!  You’d think he probably was expecting it sooner or later.  On the 911 call the caller said there were quote. “Mobster Looking Guys With Suits and Rifles Approachaing the house”……I’m sure….but…they have to take all of them seriously, because the moment they don’t is the moment something would actually happen.


    Jenna Jameson could be in Felony territory in her recent birthday beatdown on her assistant!  Why, well, because she was using a BRASS KNUCKLE I-PHONE COVER!!  …..I didn’t even know they had those!?  It looks pretty cool….ya know, in that brass knuckle way.  If you want to see a photo of it, I have it posted at


    Teen mom Farrah Abraham, due to so much media pressure……admitted now…that she made an adult video….but also said it will only be released for millions!!!.....hmmm…..wonder if she’ll get that done?!!


    Kourtney Kardashian offered to be a surrogate for Khloe and Lamar's baby.  Even sweeter:  Bruce Jenner offered to melt his face to make the baby some plastic toys.

  • 5 Bad Habits That Are Actually GOOD For You!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Next time someone tells you to stop biting your nails, burping, passing gas, eating in bed or spitting, just tell them it's for your  health.


    According to medical research, your mother was WRONG about a lot of stuff.  Here are five bad habits that it turns out are actually GOOD for you.   

     1.   BITING YOUR NAILS helps expose your body to new germs . . . but in very small numbers.  That lets your immune system prepare antibodies to fight them without the risk of getting sick.  And picking your nose and eating it does the same thing.

     2.  BURPING protects your body from getting damaged by stomach acid.  If you leave the gas inside, it can loosen the muscle that separates your stomach from your esophagus, and allow stomach acid to splash out and cause heartburn.

     3.  PASSING GAS prevents you from having a buildup of gas in your intestines.  And that can cause damage . . . or at least a lot of pain.   

     4.  EATING IN BED can help you digest your food better.  Stress causes your body to interrupt digestion . . . so if you're relaxed and horizontal, your body breaks everything down completely.

     5.  SPITTING helps your breathing . . . especially if you're exercising.  When you exercise, you breathe through your mouth, which causes inflammation in your throat.  So spitting helps to clear your breathing passages.

  • Jenna Jameson in Possible Felony Territory for Using iPhone Brass Knuckle Case as Weapon

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Here's a pic of what it looks like to be dangerously accessorized.


    Jenna Jameson allegedly wanted to beat down her assistant  -- and yep, there's an app for that.  BRASS KNUCKLES CASE on her iPhone 5 ... according to legal docs.

    Britney Markham claims Jameson barged into a Newport Beach salon and started bitching at her, and eventually punched her in the stomach and back with the weaponized device.

    Markham claims Jameson then threatened, "I'll f***ing kill you." 

    The assistant says she definitely was the worse for wear, landing in the hospital.

    Here's the thing: Brass knuckles are illegal in California, so Jameson could be in felony territory ... but she has an interesting defense -- the brass-ass add-ons are an accessory, not a weapon.

  • Literacy Ranking of top 10 Twitter Celebs

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Oh, Justin Bieber.  Just when it looked like things couldn't get any lower, determined the literacy level of his Tweets.

    "Literacy" and "Twitter" are two things that don't normally go together.  But some people actually put some EFFORT into their online grammar.

    The website took the 10 most-followed celebrities on Twitter and ran their last 10 Tweets through an online "readability calculator", in order to determine the grade level their grammar would be appropriate for.

    They took into consideration such factors as word length and sentence complexity . . . and obviously they removed all the hashtags, links and "at" symbols first.


    PRESIDENT OBAMA came out first, followed closely by KATY PERRY and then LADY GAGA.  Obama's Tweets scored just over a SIXTH-GRADE reading level.  Katy and Gaga were just under.

    And, coming in DEAD LAST was JUSTIN BIEBER . . . who failed to reach even a FIRST GRADE level.

    Here's where all 10 of the top celebrities rated . . . along with the approximate grade level of their Tweets . . .

    1.  President Obama,  6.11

    2.  Katy Perry,  5.88

    3.  Lady Gaga,  5.74

    4.  Ellen DeGeneres,  5.24

    5.  Taylor Swift,  4.07

    6.  Britney Spears,  3.97

    7.  Justin Timberlake,  3.82

    8.  Rihanna,  2.74

    9.  Shakira,  2.14

    10.  Justin Bieber,  0.62

  • Products Don't Equal Pretty

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Now I know why they say to not believe everything you hear on tv.

    If you want more proof that no one cares about truth in advertising, look no further than your own medicine cabinet.  Half the stuff you keep in there does the OPPOSITE of what it's sold for.  And has five good examples . . .


    1.  Acne cleansers.  The soaps and scrub pads marketed for acne problems will probably do more harm than good.  They're too aggressive and they dry out your skin, which doesn't necessarily help.  Your skin is irritated enough as it is.

    A serious acne problem might need antibiotics.  But for normal acne, you just need to wash two or three times a day with warm water, or mild soap.

    2.  Mouthwash that contains alcohol.  The alcohol in mouthwash isn't for killing bacteria.  It's for keeping the menthol and eucalyptus oils mixed.  Otherwise, your mouth would smell best when you're DRUNK.  And we all know THAT'S not true.

    Alcohol leaves you with a dry mouth.  And you need saliva to fight bacteria.  So a better strategy is to floss and brush regularly . . . including your tongue . . . and drink lots of water.  And use alcohol-free mouthwash if you have to.

    3.  Exfoliating creams.  They make you AGE FASTER.  When you peel off the top layer of skin, you might look better at first, because what's underneath is fresh and shiny.  But it's also more vulnerable.  Later on you'll have MORE sun damage, and more wrinkles.

    4.  Cuticle trimmers.  Your cuticles protect your fingernail beds from infection.  So if you cut them regularly to make your fingers look better, they might end up looking worse in the long run.  As in, nail fungus or other nasty conditions.

    5.  Shampoo.  First off, you can't do anything to ACTUALLY 'revitalize' your hair.  It's made up of DEAD CELLS.  And shampooing removes your hair's natural protection, making it dry and brittle.  Then you need the conditioner to replace the stuff you just stripped off.

    You're better off washing with water, and using shampoo as little as possible . . . or not at all.

  • Do You Feel Tired All The Time?? Here is a 7 step plan to curing it.

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    I found this little article and decided to blog it....because...who knows....maybe it will help someone.  I think we all experience or at least know someone who experiences being tired all the time.  This article gave pretty good insight....


    When you feel tired all the time, it can be hard to function. In fact, if you are feeling tired pretty much all the time, chances are you are seeking ways to feel better immediately. When you are always tired, it can be extremely difficult just to complete everyday tasks, much less to tackle more involved or complicated projects. Simply put, feeling excessively tired all the time is no way to go through life. Excessive fatigue can be caused by lifestyle issues, such as not getting enough sleep and accumulating an enormous "sleep debt." Or it can be the symptom of a medical condition, such as anemia.


    Step 1

    The first step when you want to stop feeling tired all the time is to examine your current lifestyle, paying particular attention to your current sleep habits. If you suffer from insomnia, you may find that treating your insomnia decreases your fatigue. (Please check out the numerous natural insomnia treatments mentioned in my eHow article about winning the battle against insomnia with home remedies like drinking chamomile tea, or drinking warm milk, or eating small amounts of food that contain L-tryptophan, like a handful of cashews or a slice of turkey before bedtime.

    Step 2

    Another aspect of lifestyle habits that can affect your level of fatigue is the amount of exercise that you get on average. Getting enough exercise, as you know, is beneficial for all aspects of your physical and emotional health. Exercising can improve your sleep (and therefore decrease your fatigue) in at least two key ways. First, it can tire you out so that you fall asleep more easily at night and stay asleep longer. Second, it can substantially boost your energy levels - and your mood - because it releases endorphins (feel-good) hormones into your system

    Step 3

    Examine your current level of caffeine consumption very carefully. Sure, caffeine can provide you with a quick, temporary energy boost. But it can also cause you to "crash" later on, draining you of your energy and causing you to feel even more fatigued than you felt before drinking coffee, tea or caffeinated soda.

    Step 4

    Make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water and eating nutritious food. For instance, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which includes a lot of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, can help decrease fatigue and boost energy.

    Step 5

    If you have already made all of these suggested lifestyle changes and you are still feeling tired all the time, you will want to see your doctor to check for and/or rule out any underlying health conditions that may be causing your excessive levels of fatigue.

    Step 6

    For instance, you may want to have your blood drawn to check for anemia. If you are anemic, sometimes adding an iron supplement to your daily diet (with your doctor's approval, of course) may help quite a bit. (Always check with your doctor to determine the right amount of iron for you.

    Step 7

    Anemia (or an iron deficiency of any kind) is not the only medical condition or illness that can cause you to feel tired all the time. Others include (but are certainly not limited to): sleep apnea, thyroid problems, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and more. Your doctor may want to perform a battery of medical tests and blood tests to rule in or rule out any or all of these conditions, depending on which other specific symptoms you have. If you are ultimately diagnosed with any of these conditions, your doctor will want to create a customized treatment plan for you that can help reduce all of your symptoms, including your chronic fatigue.



    Source:  EHOW.COM

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday, April 9th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So the big sex tape gossip with Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham and Adult Film Star James Deen is now unraveling with more clarity..  James says that it was all Farrah’s idea.  Supposedly she wanted to film the adult session and then secretly leak it out so it would become a big SEX TAPE SCANDAL!  The plan obviously backfired due to paparazzi seeing them together.  I guess Farrah is really upset with James Deen now for being so upfront about all of it.  Yeah Farrah!  You should be upset that he didn’t LIE on your behalf and reach for publicity!  What a BAD GUY HE IS!!  Meanwhile Farrah’s mom doesn’t believe her daughter would ever do an adult video….well, I think your in for a big surprise on this one mom!


    Russel Brand is the latest victim of the Celebrity Swatting prank.  This time on the 911 call the caller said that there were two men with guns and body armor approaching the home.  They got there and nobody was there.  I guess  Russel had left a half hour prior.  Swatting….can you imagine being a celebrity now-a-days and wondering if you are going to be the next SWATTING VICTIM!?  It’s still a trashy, stupid prank.


    Jenna Jameson officially turns 39 today…..battery charges and all…  She'll celebrate by blowing out two birthday cakes at a time while another guy watches.

  • Play The Sexy Celebrity Legs Game!!!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Ok, in the gallery you will see a pair of legs.  You then try to guess which celebrity the legs belong to.  Then click the next arrow and you will see the full photo to see if you were right!  To start the game click HERE  ...Question:  Which celeb has the best legs in your opinion?