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  • WWII Bomber Jacket Found at a Goodwill Store and Original Owner was Found

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    90-year-old World War Two veteran Robert Arand has living in Cincinnati, Ohio since he came home from the war, where he flew over 40 missions in the Pacific.


    Around 1950, Robert’s wife was cleaning their house and decided to donate his leather bomber jacket to a charity because she felt that he didn’t wear it enough, except in veteran’s parades.  Let’s just say Robert was NOT a happy husband.


    NOW, more than 60 years later, Robert is getting his jacket back. Last week, a military history collector, John Dodds, was shopping at a Goodwill store in Washington, D.C.


    While he was there he found Robert’s jacket, and bought it for a whole $17. Then he realized it was an authentic bomber jacket and not a replica. John was then able to track it back down to Robert in only a day. They talked on the phone and John is now shipping it back to Robert.


    This shows that there are still nice people out there. It also go to show that you can find ANYTHING at a Goodwill!!!!!

  • The Eight Reasons We'd Want Mom to Move in Instead of Dad

    Posted by Tommy Fox

     According to a new survey, 70% of adults do NOT want either one of their parents to move in with them when they get older.  But if they HAD to pick one, two thirds say they'd pick MOM.  Here are the eight reasons why:   

    1.  Mom would help more with cooking and cleaning.- Let’s face it, Dad can only cook on the grill otherwise he burns everything.

    2.  Mom would be better with the kids.-Dad would be sleeping the whole time.

    3.  Dad has worse hygiene than Mom-Who wouldn’t like the smell of flowers over the smell of oil/MacDonald’s/dirt/stale dirty clothes?

    4.  Dad is more likely to say inappropriate things. – Can’t argue with that one.

    5.  Mom would be neater.- That’s because we don’t ever clean our house up to Mom’s standards.

    6.  Dad is lazier than Mom.- unless Dancing w/ The Stars is on.

    7.  Dad would want to control the TV- He’s going to want to watch the NASCAR race instead of Disney movies with the kids.

    8.  Mom is a better listener.-IF you can get her to stop talking.

  • A guy got caught shoplifting but thought it was okay... because of the name of the store.

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So this dude was caught on a surveillance tape this week, stealing a grill from the front porch of a thrift shop in Derry, New Hampshire. (13 miles southeast of Manchester).


    The guy’s name is Ruben Pavon, and he claims he is INNOCENT. In fact, he admitted to taking it. However, he has a pretty solid excuse: he thought it was okay…. Because the name of the store is ….. ‘Finders Keepers.’ SO he thought the grill was FREE.


    Not only that but Ruben has also admitted that this is not the first time he has helped himself to something he found on the porch of Finders Keepers. He took a DVD players a few weeks ago, but that time he got away with it.


    SO he came back this past weekend, at night ….with his SON…who helped him carry the grill of the front porch.


    And he really didn’t know it was stealing? I wonder if he graduated high school too?

  • Four Things You Didn't Know About Stubble

    Posted by Tommy Fox


    It has become a lot more acceptable for guys to show up to work with scruff on their face. So if you skipped shaving this morning, you’re not alone. Not only that, but mustaches have become a new fad among teens. I have seen way to many of those weird sunglasses with mustaches dangling from them. What is up with that?

    Anyways, if you are embracing the scruff, I have found three interesting but useless facts about stubble that you have probably never heard.


    1)    The average guy spends 140 days of their life getting rid of it- That is just under 5 months and that would be if you have to shave before work every day. Obviously growing a beard or only shaving twice a week would cut into that give you more FREE TIME.



    2)    Stubble makes you more attractive because it strengthens your jawline- how many of you have noticed this but never thought about it?


    However, guys who have round faces or a weak jaw tend to look better with facial hair, because it ENHANCES their bone structure.


    BUT full beards don’t always do that, because they can get just a little too busy so the jaw line gets lost.



    3)    The term “Five O’clock Shadow” was originally a reference to tea time.- The common misconception is that it refers to the end of a 9-to-5 work day. But it’s actually a term from the 1930’s ad campaign by the Gem Safety Razor Company


    This is because back then, it was considered uncivilized to have scruff on your face when you sat down for a “high tea” at five o’clock. So the ad slogan was, “Goodbye, five o’clock shadow”



    4)    AND -Apparently a recent study found that women think men who have gone 10 days without shaving are super SEXY.


    What do you think about these facts?

    If I were to grow a sweet beard I would definitely try and hide food in their or braid it.  Or try out for a beard competition.

  • 9 Things That Annoy Us The Most

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    According to a new survey, the thing that annoys us the most is . . . a slow computer.  Here's the full list of annoying things . . .



    1.  A slow computer.  One in three people have YELLED at their computer . . . and 6% of people say that they feel better after HITTING their computer.  


    2.  People who leave their clothes on the floor.


    3.  A sink full of dirty dishes.


    4.  Leaky faucets.


    5.  Leaving the toilet seat in the wrong position.


    6.  Your significant other.


    7.  Annoying neighbors.


    8.  Children.


    9.  Pets.

  • Poor Global Warming, it's Just Used as a Scapegoat

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Your car breaks down, it's because of global warming.  You shank your tee shot into the woods, it's because of global warming.  You forgot your anniversary, must be because of global warming.  We've seen global warming get the blame for EVERYTHING in the past several years, from food prices and disease to the weather on your last vacation.  But this is a new one.

    A group of Democrats in the House of Representatives says that climate change could turn WOMEN INTO PROSTITUTES.

    Here's their explanation.  As the climate changes and food prices skyrocket, quote, "women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, 'transactional sex', and early marriage."

    In other words, they need food, and sex is how they'll get it.

    The Representatives have filed a resolution, saying that Congress recognizes that impact of climate change on women, and will commit to keeping women involved as they develop plans and strategies for handling climate change.

  • Bearskin Rug Captures Criminal

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Maybe when it comes to catching the DUMBEST criminals, a really soft, plush, comfortable place to sleep works better than an alarm?

    Last week, 25-year-old Christopher White of Waterford, Wisconsin got hammered, and broke into a Remax real estate office in Burlington, Wisconsin.

    First, he grabbed all the computers and took them outside.  But before he could leave with them, something caught his eye.  There was a large BEARSKIN RUG on the wall . . . and it must've looked too good to pass up.

    So Christopher pulled it down off the wall, curled up on it, and went to sleep.

    When employees got to work around 8:30 A.M., they found him sleeping on the rug.  The cops came, woke him up, and arrested him.

    One of the realtors from the office summed up the night.  Quote, "You can't fix stupid.  You can just arrest it." 

  • Thou Shall Trust in Google

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Really?  We can't decide whether we trust Google or a Church more?

    According to a new survey out of the U.K., one of the organizations that cares the most about our best interests is . . . Google. 

    17% of people said that Google was the organization that had people's best interests at heart . . . which actually tied them with the CHURCH for fifth place.  Here are the most trustworthy organizations:    

    (People could name up to three organizations.)

    1.  Doctors and healthcare workers:  37%.  

    2.  The police:  26%. 

    3.  Charities:  21%. 

    4.  Large supermarket chains:  19%.

    5.  A tie, between Google and the Church:  17%.

  • The 10 Most Common Excuses We Give The Police To Avoid Tickets!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    A new survey asked drivers their favorite excuse for trying to get out of a ticket.  And somehow, "I was speeding because my breasts are too big, see, take a look" didn't make the list.

    Here are the 10 most common excuses.  The survey did NOT ask how often they work . . .


    1.  I couldn't see the sign telling me not to do it . . . like a speed limit sign, or a no U-turn sign.

    2.  I'm lost and don't know the roads around here.

    3.  I didn't know it was broken . . . like a broken brake light or turn signal.

    4.  Everyone else was doing it.

    5.  I'm having an emergency . . . like spilling a hot drink on your lap.

    6.  I missed my turn or exit.

    7.  I had to go to the bathroom.

    8.  I didn't do anything dangerous.

    9.  I was on my way to an emergency . . . like to help someone who was sick or injured.

    10.  My GPS told me to do it.


    (USA Today)