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  • Wanted Woman!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    A Los Angeles judge has lost her patience with Lindsay Lohan's excuses.

    Lohan pulled a no-show at her progress review hearing today because her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge the actress's passport was stolen at the Cannes Film Festival this week. "She filed a police report. She intended to fly back at the earliest possible time. I don't know what else to tell you. She had reservations for a flight," she added.

    Well... no police report has ever been filed regarding that missing passport. Plus, she doesn't look like she's in any kind of hurry to leave Cannes. Check out the picture of her still carefree and partying just last night...

    Thankfully the judge wasn't having it!!! She said... "There is no valid excuse [for Lohan not being here]. If she wanted to be here, she could've been here. She could've come two days early from Cannes. She has a history of not keeping scheduled appointments. She has to take this seriously. I've warned her before."

    The judge ordered an arrest warrant for Lohan and set bail at $100,000...

    If or when Lohan is apprehended and posts bail, the judge ordered Lohan to abstain from alcohol, be fitted with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, and be subject to random drug testing once a week. (ALL of that should have been started about two years ago)

    A probation violation hearing date is pending Lohan's return to court. If found in violation, the prosecutor overseeing the case, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, stated she would seek up to six months in jail for the starlet. Meyers also stated that she wants proof that Lohan had indeed purchased flight tickets to make Thursday's hearing, otherwise that would show Lohan was "snubbing the court."

    The actress's father, Michael Lohan, made an appearance in the courtroom, and nodded his head in agreement with the judge's orders. "Michael's concerned about his daughter's well-being," his attorney said after the hearing. "We're pleased that the judge placed stricter orders on her."

    As of now, Lohan will remain on probation until August next year.

  • "Hills" couple is OVER!!!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    The couple from "The Hills" that should be breaking up is Speidi... escpecially after what we've seen the last few weeks on the show. BUT they aren't the twosome that "People Magazine" claims have called it quits!


    Dating since January, Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera broken up

    "She ended things about a week ago," says a source. "There were issues in their relationship. But a lot comes from his partying ways."

    Tuesday night Cabrera hit Trousdale lounge in L.A. with some pals and was seen with an Audrina lookalike brunette. "He was grabbing her hands, whispering to her, smiling and they were laughing together," says an onlooker.

    So it this really the end or could this reality romance resurrect someday? Says another source: "He still wants to work things out."

  • Idol Preview

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    The top three are singing two songs each tonight... one picked by the judges and one picked by them!

    Ellen Degeneres chose “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul MCCartney for Crystal Bowersox

    Simon Cowell chose “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen for Lee DeWyze


    Kara Dioguardi and Randy Jackson chose “Daughters” by John Mayer for Casey James

    As for what song each contestant picked for themselves, that being kept under wraps... but People Magazine has a rundown of how rehearsels went. Check it out...

    LEE DEWYZE: Singing a soft, harmonic staple chosen by Simon Cowell, Lee strummed his guitar while standing behind the mic stand in sneakers, a blue sweatshirt and red baseball cap. A chorus line of background singers surrounded the rocker on each side. DeWyze joked that he should be lifted by a harness to look like he’s flying. For his second song, he performed a sentimental rock classic that he sped up a bit. Changing the vocal arrangement slightly, DeWyze raised the bar by picking the perfect tune for his voice.

    CRYSTAL BOWERSOX: Holding a guitar, and with a harmonica strapped to her neck, Crystal practiced with her signature mic stand, warming up a tune by a female artist she admires. She started the song with a few seconds of solo harmonica, then the band and backup singers came in strong. But Crystal delivered her second tune without her guitar or mic stand. Standing middle stage she successfully reached Janis Joplin-like territory with her strong, high, whiskey-soaked wail. She quickly shifted effortlessly into a smooth note that she held and held.

    CASEY JAMES: In a bright blue shirt and holding his guitar, Casey was accompanied on stage by his amp. His upbeat tune started with vigor, kicking into a solid groove that will have people on their feet and dancing. On his second song, a piano is wheeled on stage and placed on the left, while an additional guitar player sat on the right. James doesn’t change the arrangement of the song much, though it is paced slower than the original. After only two takes and a quick check to make sure he had the bridge correct, Casey looked like he was feeling confident.

  • When bad surgery happens to good people!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Remember when Meg Ryan was cute as a button... Well she's not anymore!! Check out a recent shot of her at the Cannes Film Festival!!


  • What we won't see at the "Glee Tour"!

    Posted by Natalie Randall


     The closest the tour of "Glee" comes to us is in Rosemont, IL (near Chicago) but you can see a little peak at what we're missing here... Kurt and the ladies dress up in their best GaGa gear and perform "Bad Romance" at a show last weekend! 

    MAN!!! I wish I lived closer to Chi-town!!

  • Details on the upcoming "Bachelorette" season!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    This is how she looked when leaving the last season of "The Bachelor" but now it's Ali's turn to find love when she becomes the new "Bachelorette", premiering next Monday.

    However, Ali Fedotowsky harbors major insecurities, show host Chris Harrison says.

    "Everyone brings their own baggage to the show," Harrison told UsMagazine.com at Sunday's Disney/ABC Television Group Summer Press Junket in Burbank, Calif.. "Ali [is] a girl that has in the past been hurt before."

    "The more I got to to know her, the more I realize she's this strong, independent, beautiful woman, but very vulnerable."

    He continued: "She really had this fear of almost being rejected. Like, 'Yes, I'm going to fall in love, but I'm really worried that I'm not going to get love back.'...Everyone has their kind of bones in the closet that they have to deal with. Hers was 'I'm going to put myself out there. I really think I'm going to fall in love, but are these guys going to love me back?'"

    "There is a phenomenal ending," Harrison told Us of the new season. "Whether it's happy or not – I'll say this: Ali had to make a very tough choice at the end, several tough choices, and I think she's satisfied with how it ends and satisfied with her choice."

  • The crazy get crazier!!

    Posted by Natalie Randall


    SOOO yesterday Heidi and Spencer Pratt called the cops on Heidi's mom, who showed up at their house without warning to probably try to talk some sense into her daughter. After the incident, Heidi announced that she was going to get a restraining order against her mother (SO the Spenser invention OBVIOUSLY didn't work)!

    Now Heidi's dad, Bill Montagis speaking out...  Turns out he's as baffled as the rest of us over what happened yesterday with Heidi and her mom Darlene.

    Bill admits to speaking with Darlene right before she left to go to Cali. She told him that she was visiting to "to do some filming for [The Hills]" and "to find out exactly what was happening with our daughter."

    As we all know from yesterday, what she found was the shell of her daughter, filled with even more extreme stupidity and naivety than before!

    In regard to Heidi and Spencer calling the cops on Darlene when she showed up to the house, Bill says:

    "Why would they call the police on Heidi’s mom, she is not a threat, it makes absolutely no sense, they need to show more respect. My daughter used to phone me several times a week but we have not spoken since my birthday…Heidi is my baby and I love her but I don’t understand what is happening right now. It is not normal behavior."

    It sure isn't! But NOTHING about this couple is normal anymore!

    The new issue of Us Weekly reports... 


    Spencer and Heidi have become virtual shut-ins at their $7,000-a-month rented L.A house, which is filled with framed covers of magazines on which they've appeared.

    "No one ever visits," a local tells Us, and the couple rarely leave. "Heidi sits and stares in the mirror, while Spencer plots and schemes on his projects all day," adds a Pratt source. "He sits on the Internet, watches TV and tries to get press. That is all he does. It's totally sick."

  • Will Famous Men EVER Learn???

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    First Tiger, then Jesse James and David Boreanaz... NOW MATT LAUER? Say it ain't so! But reports claim he is the latest star caught with his pants down and that he's walked out on his wife of 12 years, Annette Roque.

    Sure, it's The National Enquirer with the scoop, but they have been dead on with this cheating scandals of late!

    They claim Lauer got a little too frisky with some ladies while covering the Olympics in Vancouver for The Today Show, and Annette caught wind of it and accused him of cheating on her with at least two women!

    After "an explosive two-day fight," Lauer walked out, and Annette is no longer wearing her wedding ring!

  • NEW Kesha Video...

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Check it out...

    DON'T FORGET... All next week your chance to se Kesha and Rihanna in concert from MIX-FM!!

  • Britney Break-Up!!

    Posted by Natalie Randall


    It's official... Britney and Jason are DONE! Well, kind of...


    Britney Spears and Jason Trawick will no longer be working together with him as her agent, but they're still dating!

    Her rep says that they "have decided to end their professional relationship and focus on their personal relationship. Since wrapping her recent world tour, Spears has been busy in the studio working on her next album."

    Another source adds, "They are very happy. Things are really good with them."


  • "Jersey Shore" Shake Up

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Enjoy them while you can, because they ALL just got the boot!!

    The Jersey Shore's casting director has confirmed that the entire cast will be replaced for the third season.

    Snooki, The Situation, JWOWW, Pauly D, Sammi and Ronnie reportedly demanded a big pay raise after the first season became MTV's highest-rated series. Reports say the group received a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode for season 2, which premieres July 29.

    BUT MTV is only willing to pay that kind of cash for one more go around! No word when the open audition will take place... BUT I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when they go down!!