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  • Is a Spice Girls reality show coming?

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    So rumors says POSH Spice, AKA Victoria Beckham, wants NOTHING to do with a Sprice Girls reunion tour... but that doesn't mean it won't happen!! 

    Sources say Geri Halliwell is so determined to get a Spice Girls tour together by next year that she's trying to helm a reality show, thought to be called Wannabe Spice.

    This insider revealed to Perez Hilton:

    "Victoria will not be performing with the Spice Girls again. She has nothing but love and respect for all of the girls and the journey they went on together. Now though, her focus is firmly on her family and her fashion business."

    "It is a dream of Geri's to get the girls back together for a good tour, a bit like how Take That have done it. She can see a really successful future for the girls and in her usual determined way has got herself out there and spoken to the right people."

    "She would give anything for this all to work out. She has spoken to TV production companies about how it would work and has got very excited. Things are gradually getting further down the line."

    I would TOTALLY WATCH!!! 

  • PHOTOS: Did Britney get hitched in Vegas this weekend??

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    So Britney Spears and her new boyfriend, regular guy David Lucado, spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Brit's manager. Most assumed they were there to finalize the deal to make Ms. Spears a nightly attraction at Ceasar's... But could Brit have fit in time to GET MARRIED??? 

    This picture is raising that question... courtesy perezhilton.com:

    NOTE: Does that look like a WEDDING BAND on her ring finger?!? 

    Brit is no stranger to a Vegas wedding! Remember her 55 hour marriage back in the day??

  • PHOTO: Former "Batman" looks TOTALLY different!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Is that you Christian Bale???? 


    Bale has packed on the pounds to play a '70s con man turned FBI guy in his next movie. 

    The photo was taken on the Massachusetts set of the untitled film which costar Amy Adams.


  • Lindsay may still end up in JAIL after all!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    So Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in a "lockdown" rehab facility and she's begging the court in LA to let her do that rehab stint in New York City. NOW we know why! "Lockdown Rehab" doesn't exist in New York ... and it's possible Lindsay could now go to JAIL as a result.

    TMZ.com did done some digging, contacting numerous rehab facilities in NY, and they were told from EVERYONE -- rehab facilities do NOT force patients to stay.  In fact, an official from the New York State agency that regulates rehab facilities tells us lockdown rehab does not exist in NY.

    None of the facilities have guards that block access out.

    As for Lindsay ... she has a history of leaving rehab, even if the program requires her to stay inside.  Two cases in point -- sources say Lindsay frequently snuck out of Cirque Lodge in Utah.  And, of course, there's Betty Ford, where Lindsay allegedly got into a physical fight with an attendant who was about to blow the whistle on her for sneaking out.

    Law enforcement sources connected with Lindsay's lying-to-cops case tell TMZ ... prosecutors offered the plea deal based on the representation of Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, that New York had lockdown rehab facilities.

    After we placed calls today ... we're told prosecutors are now checking to see if Heller's representation was false.  One well-placed source said this:  "The sentence was actually 90 days in custody, and lockdown rehab would satisfy that.  If there's no such thing, then she'll go to jail for 90 days."

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2O6RG1UiX 
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    In related news... check out Lindsay's latest mugshot! This is the SIXTH she's had released to the public...


  • Which "Teen Mom" star was busted for DUI

    Posted by Natalie Randall


    The stars of "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" continue to show off their less than brilliant decision making skills... 


    Farrah Abraham, who was busted for DUI Monday night in Nebraska ... according to TMZ.com.

    They report law enforcement pulled over Farrah in Omaha just after 1AM after hanging a wide turn ... and nearly hitting a police cruiser.

    Cops administered the standard field sobriety test and Abraham reportedly blew a .147 on a breathalyzer ... nearly twice the legal limit in that State.

    The good news ... we're told Abraham's 4-year-old daughter was NOT in the car at the time of her arrest.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2O6V3MQpQ 
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  • VIDEO: Sneak Peaks at RHOBH reunion

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Bravo has released some sneak peek videos for the upcoming "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" reunion.

    Adrienne (my least favorite housewife of all time beside Teresa) didn't show, and Andy Cohen had this to say about it:

    But there was still PLENTY of drama! 

  • VIDEO: Guess who just got "GLITTER-BOMBED" before court!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Lindsay Lohan was due in court at 8:30am this morning, but after TONS of mishaps at the airport in New York (including skipping a flight Satruday, missing a flight Sunday, and getting off a flight last minute last night because she thought there was a fuel leak!) Ms. Lohan finally showed up for court... 48 minutes LATE! Don't think that would fly if the defendent wasn't a celeb. 

    Lindsay also got a surprise on her way into the courthouse... She got glitter-bombed! ONLY in LA :)

    Click on the below photo to see more of LiLo's courtroom fashion's and to get linked up with the trial LIVE!
    I'll keep you update of what happens in court here and will have a complete rundown in Diva Dish at 5:50!


  • NO jail for Lindsay Lohan! NO ONE is surprised!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    After arriving to court LATE, Lindsay Lohan copped an plea deal and will spend 90 days in lockdown rehab ... with NO jail time AGAIN!

    Lindsay pled no contest to the crimes of reckless driving and lying to cops.  In addition to rehab, Lindsay will perform 30 days of community labor and undergo psychotherapy for 18 months -- she'll get credit for shrink time already completed.

     Lindsay will be able to do her rehab in New York City.  She must stay clear of drugs and drug users.  She also must submit to drug testing.

    She's also admitted to a probation violation in the jewelry heist case, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but that sentence was STAYED and she won't do time if she continues to obey all laws.

    The judge also offered a suggestion, "Don't drive."

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2Nv9kFtcm 
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    What happened when Lindsay arrived in court? SEE THE VIDEO HERE

  • "Bachelor" couple waiting for marriage...

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    There's been a lot of talk about the latest Bachelor Sean Lowe and his conservative views. Us Weekly even reported that Sean was a "born again virgin"... Now Sean and his new fiance, Catherine, are confirming that they are indeed waiting until "I Do"! 


    "From my perspective, I've lived life kind of selfishly for a long time," says Lowe, a conservative Christian and born-again virgin. "Now, I'm going to try to live it the way I know to be right." 

    As for his bride-to-be's feelings on the topic? "I honor him," she says. 


  • Final Bachelor spoilers PLUS new Bachelorette revealed by Reality Steve!

    Posted by Natalie Randall

    Tonight, Sean will propose on the finale of "The Bachelor"... Who will he pick? And who wrote the letter all the promos keep showing? PLUS, find out which of Sean's girls is the NEW Bachelorette! Keep reading for details! 



    From before the season even started Reality Steve, THE Bachelor spoiler guru, has said that Sean picks Catherine... 

     But not before she sends him a letter!

    RS says he agrees with wetpaint.com that claims that the person who wrote the letter Sean receives at the final rose ceremony is Catherine. But no one seems to know what it says! Just gonna have to wait for tonight! 

    BUT you don't have to wait to find out the identity of the NEW Bachelorette!! It's... 


    Desiree is your next “Bachelorette.” She will be announced tonight during the live After The Fianl Rose special airing after the 2-hour finale.  She begins filming Sunday night, March 17th.


    Read more at http://realitysteve.com/2013/03/05/the-bachelor-sean-spoilers-women-tell-all-bachelorette/#iW8dgIVcBde1oXkH.99 

  • Another DUGGAR on the way!

    Posted by Natalie Randall
    THANK GOODNESS it's not #20 for Michelle and Jim Bob... but it is grandchild # 3! Their daughter in law Anna is expecting AGAIN... 3 baby in 3 years!! What is in their water??? 
    Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's oldest child, Josh, and his wife, Anna, tell PEOPLE they are expecting their third child. They are already parents to daughter Mackynzie, 3, and sonMichael, 21 months. 

    "It is very exciting," says Josh, 25. "It's fun for Michael and Mackynzie being so close in age and this baby will be, too. We feel very blessed and happy." 

    Anna, 24, had taken a pregnancy test when the family visited Asia for 19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia (premiering Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC), but it was negative. "I thought for sure I was pregnant and so I was a little disappointed," she says. "But two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant." 

    Get more story HERE