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  • Man Crying Is Now...

    Posted by AJ


    Did you know that crying was once considered a sign of masculinity?

    When a man cried back in the day it showed that he was honest and full of integrity. Thanks to movies and great male actors playing many different moods, public emotions for men are becoming more acceptable.

    A new study has found that when people saw a man cry they viewed it as a sign of honesty.  Sadly the same study found when women cry it was views as a sign of weakness.

    Doctors recommend a manly cry because when guys lock away the tears, an emotion can stay bottled up and wreak havoc on the body.


    ** In a recent poll 99 percent of women agreed that real men cry.


  • Do You Love Chocolate THIS Much??

    Posted by AJ

    It's a new toothpaste called "Theodent", and it's made of a substance proven in clinical trials to strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel. 

    A doctor  (Tetsuo Nakamoto) found "Theobromine" in chocolate in the early 80s. Since then, he worked to get a patent and put that substance into a toothpaste.

    One expert explains:  "Theodent is a fluoride free toothpaste. Rennou... the active ingredient, works better to re-mineralize the surface of human teeth."

    Clinical trials show the positive effects of Rennou on a tooth.

    The substance is safe for children to swallow because it is a derivative of chocolate and is all natural.


    Traditional Theodent is mint flavored, but the kids version is chocolate. For more information on the product go to Theodent.com. The toothpaste can be purchased there or at Whole Foods Markets.



  • Tacky? Tips For A Cheaper Date Night...

    Posted by AJ

    1. Hit the Happy Hour Circuit—Take advantage of happy hour and you could save up to 30% or more on food and drinks. You could also take a tour of a few different happy hour spots. A free mobile app called "Happy Hours" shows food and drink specials in over 100 cities.

    2. BYOB Wine--If you choose to dine with wine, avoid ordering by the glass. Restaurants tend to charge the full retail price of the bottle for a single serving of wine. So go to restaurants that haven't gotten their liquor license. That way, you can BYOB without a corkage fee. Another tip is to skip the Chardonnay. It's America's favorite white wine and very overpriced. Try a dry Riesling or a Grüner-Veltliner instead.

    3. Try Something Un-Comfortable--Doing something outside your comfort zone can help the chemistry. The trick is finding a low-cost activity. When couples do things together that are challenging and exciting, it improves the quality of their relationship.

    4. Take in the Arts--If you need inspiration, a new site called HowABoutWe.com offers singles and couples unique date ideas based on your location and preferences. Free-to-the-public museum nights, screenings or art openings.

    5. Cook Up a Challenge--It could be taking an art class, sailing or taking a trip together. Cooking is a great activity because there's the shared creativity of looking up the recipe or inventing a new dish. So don't just make dinner, create an adventure!

    6. Plan a Zero Dollar Blow-Out--If it's a special date like a birthday or anniversary and you want to go all out, you can still impress for less. Put clues around your home or neighborhood leading up to a fun scavenger hunt or try a surprise hike to a romantic lookout.

    7. Discounted Movies--Check out warehouse clubs like Costco where you can buy discount movie tickets in advance.

    8. Take Advantage of Off-Season Discounts--If you're looking for an overnight date, consider a B&B during the off-season, when rates drop to as low as $60 a night. You can also check out wineries, where tastings are affordable.



  • You Can't Wear THIS For Your Driver's License Pic...

    Posted by AJ

    The South Brunswick, N.J. DMV called the cops because a man refused to take a spaghetti strainer off his head for his driver's license photo.

    The 25-year-old told the DMV people that the strainer was a religious head covering and he had a right to wear it on his license picture.

    He claims he practices Pastafarianism. Pastafarianism, or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is a movement against teaching intelligent design and creationism in schools.

    He was told he couldn't wear head coverings unless they're for religious reasons, and he pulled out his cell phone and started filming, which is against DMV policy.

    When cops got there they told him the pasta strainer wasn't approved and he'd have to apply to the state if he'd like to wear it in his license picture.

    He reluctantly agreed to have his picture taken without the strainer.



  • STAR WARS FANS! Get Ready To Freak OUT!

    Posted by AJ

    Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo for the new "Star Wars" movie. 

    Disney announced they will be making "Star Wars VII" in November and rumors have been swirling ever since that Ford would be in it. 

    Sources confirmed that Ford will be in the movie, but it's not known what his role will be since the script isn't finished yet. 

    FYI: Harrison Ford is 70-years-old.

  • What NOT To Say To Big-Busted Ladies

    Posted by AJ

    1- "You totally must have a bad back all the time."

    Yeah, I do, and it matches my bad attitude.

    2- "Where do you even find a bra big enough for those?"

    Oh, you wanna know where? Your mom's house. How about that?

    3- "Do you ever want to make them smaller?"

    Maybe, but thanks for pointing out that I should.

    4- "It must be easy to meet guys with those."

    Yeah, can't you see the trail of men right behind me?

    5- "They're going to be SO saggy when you get older!"

    Don't even go there.

    6- "How big are they?"

    It's best not to ask. Some people won't want to tell you.

    7- "Are they real?"

    Yes, they are... and they're spectacular.

    Read more HERE


  • Can Your Dog Do THIS?

    Posted by AJ

    A Pennsylvania Border Collie has the ability to keep almost anything perfectly still on her nose and head. 

    The dog can balance books, drinks and plates of food and pretty much anthing else you put on her head.



  • Here's Why You Might NEVER Drink A Soda/Pop Again!

    Posted by AJ

    The tops of soda cans contain dozens of bacteria....  and experts warn soda sippers to wash the cans first before you drink. 

    Researchers found nearly a dozen different germs lurking on the tops of 20-soda cans during a random test. They checked out groceries, gas stations, restaurants, universities and vending machines.

    Experts say fresh tap water or an alcohol based sanitizer can be an effective wipe-down to get rid of any dirt or germs on the cans.

  • 30% Of Office Romances Lead To...

    Posted by AJ

    A recent study found that 30% of office romances lead to marriage.

    The industries most successful in making inter-office love connections are hospitality, IT, financial services, and healthcare.

    Famous couples can vouch for meeting on the job - that's how Barack and Michelle, Brad Pitt and Angelina and CBS CEO Leslie Mooves and his wife Julie Chen got together at work.

    ** 40% of those studied said they had gotten involved in inter-office romance at some point in their career. Most were public knowlegde, but some had to keep them a secret.

    ** It's important to keep displays of affection out of work as many employers frown on that kind of fraternization.

  • Would This Be Too Weird For YOU?

    Posted by AJ

    A law firm in Indiana has come up with a way to make 'divorce' less stressful.

    Destination Divorces skips the court proceedings and goes straight to the mediation, but the great part about it is you can go on a vacation resort with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, in separate rooms, to deal with the details.

    Usually the couple takes a three day weekend. All day Friday, the couples work out the details of the divorce with the mediator going between the two. If nothing is worked out on Friday, then it's pushed back to Saturday. By Sunday, a deal should be reached and the attorneys will file the documents with the court once they get back to the office.

    The first couple to try the new concept flies to Arizona this week.

    Know someone who'd interested?  CLICK HERE


  • PET OWNERS! Is This RIght Or Wrong?

    Posted by AJ

    Introducing... the doggie treadmill.

    Along with being cardio for your pup you can also run training programs that help to work on their misbehavior issues like agression.

    The dog is attached to the device with a leash, but is able to jump off from side to side.


    ** NOTE: Not all dog treadmills are safe, so it's important to do your research before buying one.

    The recommended 20 to 30 minute workouts are good options for people who are elderly, injured or living in small spaces and have a hard time getting their dog the exercise they need.


  • Here's What Makes Women The Most Jealous...

    Posted by AJ

    Women are more likely than men to suffer from romantic jealousy that's brought on by Facebook posts-- especially if they think other people can see that their relationship might be in trouble.

    In the study, about 250 college-age men and women were asked to imagine that they had found a picture of their significant other with a person of the opposite sex on Facebook. Women had greater feelings of jealousy when they imagined it compared to men. Women rated their level of jealousy as a six out of a possible nine, compared to a four out of nine for men.

    Women and men reported had the most jealousy if the picture's privacy settings meant that it couldn't be seen by other people on Facebook. They took that to mean their sweetie was trying to hide something. If the pic could be seen by other people on Facebook, men's jealousy dropped, but women's stayed high.

    Women were also more hurt than men if there were few photos of them with their partner on Facebook.


    ** Other studies have found that people who spend more time on Facebook have higher levels of romantic jealously and more frequent viewing of their partner's Facebook profile.