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  • Cool Teachers!

    Posted by AJ

    Would your school faculty do something this cool?

    Do these look good on guys anyway?


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  • Got the Facebook Profile Back!

    Posted by AJ

    After about 3 weeks, I finally got a response from "The Facebook Team" on how to get my disabled profile back.  I followed the steps and got everything back...yay!  Here's the response:


    Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names. Your account must comply with all of the following authenticity standards:

    • Fake names are not permitted.
    • Initials cannot stand in place of your full name.
    • Nicknames can be used, but only if they are a variation on your real first or last name, such as 'Bob' instead of 'Robert'.
    • The use of professional and religious titles within names is not permitted.
    • The use of special characters within names is not permitted.
    • Impersonating anyone or anything is not permitted.

    If you would like to use this profile again, just get back to us with your real name, and we will reactivate the account for you.

    If you are concerned about your privacy, you can always restrict who can find you in searches from the Privacy page, which can be accessed by selecting the "Settings" link at the top of every Facebook page.

    There is also a section to list your alternate (or maiden) name on the Account Settings page. People will be able to search for you by both your account name and your alternate name. You can select whether your alternate name will appear along with your account name on your profile, search listings and friend requests.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    User Operations


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  • The Fastest Texter?

    Posted by AJ

    With texting while driving being outlawed in a lot of stated, consider this guy an inspiration.  You don't even have to look at your phone.  Can you do it?


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  • This Kid is Amazing!

    Posted by AJ

    Kid lip-synches Seinfeld...perfectly!  Hey, he's got a future.


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  • Facebook problem!

    Posted by AJ


    Hey!  I'm back on Facebook after doing NOTHING wrong.  Here's the message I got from Facebook as to why my account was disabled:

    Your account was disabled because it was in violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Nudity, sexually explicit, and other graphic content is not permitted on Facebook, nor is any content that contains self harm, depicts violence, or attacks an individual or group. In addition, harassing others through unsolicited friend requests or messages is prohibited.

    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reactivate your account or respond to your email directly. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.  You can visit the Warnings section of the Help Center for more information.

    I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!  Learn from my situation and back up all your important Facebook pics and info.!


  • Conan Looks Sad

    Posted by AJ

    Wow...pretty intense interview with Conan O'Brien about the whole late night madness.  Looks like maaaaaaaaybe he's lost some sleep over this?